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5 Expert Tips on Organising Your Business

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  • Why small businesses rely on efficient organisation

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The progress of your small business largely depends on productivity, which, in turn, relies on your organizational skills. The better you are at organizing your business, the easier it becomes to make positive changes to your enterprise. Disorganization has the power to make every task twice as hard, and half as effective.Once you appreciate the value of organization, it is important to create systems and procedures for every aspect of your business.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Start by organizing your computer

1) Delete everything you don’t need. Clutter causes unnecessary delays.
2) Clear your desktop and use an external hard drive to store things you don’t need.
3) Ensure you have an updated virus scanning system. Your hard work deserves maximum protection.

4) Update your software regularly. Updates are free and very helpful for data management.
5) Backup your data once in every fifteen days. Having a copy of your data prevents data loss in case of a machine breakdown.
6) Arrange your email inbox. A messy inbox can result in misplaced or lost information.

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2. Get your finances in order

1) Separate business expenses from personal expenses. Your business needs should not impact your private accounts, and vice-versa.
2) If your finances are beginning to spiral out of control, hire an accountant and a tax planner before things get out of hand.
3) Track your invoices and payments from customers. If required, purchase a dedicated software for this purpose.
4) Similarly, track your in-house expenses. Not keeping tabs on this could be detrimental to your financial security.
5) Ensure that you have a clear picture of your finances and look at convenient business loan options. Some small business loans offer excellent facilities like instant online approval and a flexible tenor along with a competitive rate of interest.
6) If your financial needs are unpredictable, explore the option of a Flexi loan. Its unique features make sure you maintain complete control over your finances.

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3. Use the right software and tools to improve productivity

1) Take the assistance of online accounting tools like Quickbooks or Xero to manage your invoicing needs.
2) You can also use social media software like Hootsuite, which allows you to see whenever someone mentions your brand or that of your competitor and advertise your business in an organized and a time-effective way.
3) Customer relationship management tools like InfusionSoft or SalesForce are ideal for collaborators and distributors as well.
4) Lastly, you can ensure that you remember every meeting and manage projects with software like Asana or Basecamp.

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4. Improve your filing and document storage system

Opt for paperless data storage by having your data on the cloud or simply backup your documents on a hard drive. Use systems like FreshBooks and DocuSign to make signatures on important documents easier and more convenient. Use a business card scanner to store all those cards for potential business. Use Dropbox and Google Drive (for Business) for storage. This way you avoid clutter and bring order to your documents. 


5. Hire an assistant


Just because your business may be small or medium-sized, doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to hire an assistant. In fact, small business owners need more help as they end up doing a lot themselves. Whether it is to call for a payment reminder, renew telephone or internet services, convert your notes into a PowerPoint presentation or schedule a meeting, you can use an assistant for busy work and give you more time to think and act on important matters. You can also consider virtual assistants from places like Upwork and Zirtual.  


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