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4 Tips for Engineers to Increase Their Manufacturing Capacity

  • Highlights

  • Increase throughput and reduce scrap

  • Advanced analytics for data assessment

  • Modern technology and equipment upgrade

  • Train front-line engineers

Engineers strive hard to improve the production process and enhance distribution system. Their main objective is to reduce waste and variability in the production process and improve the product quality and manufacturing capacity.
In certain industrial units like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and mining, there can be extreme swings in variability between the output and the throughput. Basically, output is the total production, including scrap, rejections, and stockpiled products, while throughput only counts the parts that are successfully delivered and accepted by the customer.
Engineers need a more granular approach for diagnosing and correcting production flaws to increase their throughput and reduce scraps. Some useful techniques for the same are discussed further.

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1. Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics refers to the application of statistics and other mathematical tools to assess and improve manufacturing output. Engineers can get a deep insight of historical production data, identify patterns and correlation among production inputs and manufactured outputs and then optimise the details to enhance the yield.
Many global manufacturers across the industries have adopted for advanced analytics package to conduct such statistical assessments to improve manufacturing capacity.

The upfront cost for cloud technology and business intelligence software for advanced analytics may range between 3-5 lakhs along with variable annual renewal charges.

2. Implementing New Technology

Engineers should look to monitor their production through the use of new technology. Retrofitting the core equipment with sensors and meters to capture high volumes of data, may contribute immensely for data analysis. Adoption of production automation techniques can result in removing human errors and enhancing the throughput ratio of production.
Installation, infrastructure maintenance and labour charges for these technical elevations may cost you around ₹10 lakh along with monthly maintenance charges. If you feel that finances come in way of implementing technology in your business, you can choose a Loan for Engineers up to Rs.15 lakh which are a quick and easy way of getting funds for engineers.

3. Upgrade Existing Equipment

Manufacturing equipment wears down with time or malfunctions which can affect the production quantity to a considerable extent. Hence the equipment needs to be replaced periodically in order to maintain efficient productivity. Also, new equipment with new advance technology means better potency and removal of imperfections.
However, acquiring new equipment and maintenance can come with high costs needing you to shell lakhs of rupees to replace the old apparatus and manufacturing machines. An Engineer loan can aid you financially in meeting these expenses.

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4. Better Training

The front-line engineers manning the production line have a huge impact on manufacturing efficiency and product quality. Better training for the engineers will enable them to make improvements and use new technology in an efficient way to enhance productivity.
They also need to be trained about the use of time-saving techniques. A minute saved means extra work which results in more productivity. Focusing on training of engineers backed up with analytics and research so as to make positive, well-informed changes to the production process is key to maximise throughput.

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