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Why you should apply for a Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan for Doctors?

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As a doctor, you manage your practice while keeping track of allexpenses pertaining to your clinic. However, alongside your professional obligations, you might also need funds to fulfil personal goals, some of which may need immediate financing. A personal loan comes in handy in this regard and helps you achieve your goals, be it buying a car, funding a family vacation or meeting any otherurgent need, such as paying your child’s tuition fees or planning a wedding. Keeping your profession, busy schedule and needs in mind, Bajaj Finserv’s Personal Loan for Doctors offers a customised, convenient and flexible solution.

Here are 4 reasons why you should apply for this loan.

1. Avail a large loan to fund expenses such as a wedding

A family wedding is usually an expensive affair and involves costs like booking venues and buying designer clothes and jewellery. You also have topay service providers like beauticians, photographers and wedding planners. Given the nature of the expenses, the costs can escalate beyond what you had imagined. In such as situation, you canuse the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan for Doctorsand get funding up to Rs.35 lakh to meet wedding expenses.With simple eligibility terms and minimal documentation, the loan is approved and

disbursed within 24 hours of application. The eligibility criteria are as follows:
•Super-specialist doctors (MS/MD/DM) don’t require any post-qualification experience
•Graduate doctors (MBBS) require minimum 2 years of post-qualification experience
•Dentists (BDS/MDS) require minimum 5 years of post-qualification experience
•Ayurvedic and Homeopathic doctors (BHMS/BAMS) require minimum 6 years of post-qualification experience

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Benefits of Personal Loan for Doctors

2. Enjoy the Flexi Loan facility to pay unpredictable costs such those for your child’s education

Taking care of your child’s higher education involves costs like tuition fees and living expenses, which can run into lakhs of rupees. Then, there are other miscellaneous costs like funding field trips, buying additional course material and travel and medical expenses. With the Personal Loan for Doctors, you can withdraw funds from the total Flexi Loan amount as per your needs and pay interest only on the amount that you use.


You can also choose to pay only the interest amount in the form of EMIs and repay the principal at the end of the tenor. By allowing you to withdraw, repay and redraw funds as many times as you want to, the Flexi Loan facility gives you flexibility to manage your child’s education or other needs where you are unsure of the precise amount you need.

3. Apply online and comfortably access funds for expenses like your vacation

Your schedule is usually unpredictable, which can make planning a vacation a last-minute affair. With an easy online application process, you can access funds immediately to book your domestic or international holiday. All you need to do is fill the online form and submit basic documents like your ID proof, financial statements and medical registration certificate. Then, your loan will be approved instantly and disbursed to your bank account. Once approved, you can track your loan online too, through a secure customer portal. This is excellent given your busy schedule, as you don’t have to worry about shuffling appointments to visit the branch to access loan details. The money is available to you at your convenience.

4. Benefit from easy repayment terms to finance assets like your new car

You can easily finance buying a new car with the help of this loan. Apart from the high loan amount, you can also enjoy excellent terms for repayment. Repay the loan through a comfortable tenor of 12–96 months or make frequent part prepayments at no extra charge. This will allow you to buy the car of your dreams without saving up for it first!
In this way, the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan for Doctors offers easy financing for all your personal needs. Apart from offering you a high loan amount, the many features of this loan make it an excellent resource that you can count on.

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