How to shop on Poorvika Mobiles with Insta EMI Card

Experience hassle-free mobile phone shopping like never before at Poorvika Mobiles with the convenience of EMI Card.
How to shop on Poorvika Mobiles with Insta EMI Card
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24th July 2023

Today, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, offering communication, productivity, and entertainment. To cater to the diverse needs of mobile enthusiasts, Poorvika Mobiles, a leading mobile retailer, offers an extensive range of smartphones and accessories.

To make your mobile shopping experience more convenient and affordable, Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card comes to the rescue. In this article, we will explore how you can shop on Poorvika Mobiles with the Insta EMI Card, along with its benefits, features, and eligibility criteria.

Poorvika Mobile products you can buy at No Cost EMI

Poorvika Mobiles offers an impressive assortment of smartphones and accessories that can be purchased at No Cost EMI using the EMI Card. Here are some popular products:

Here are some popular products available:

Category Products available at No Cost EMI
Smartphones Latest iPhone, vivo, Redmi, Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi, OnePlus, etc.
Laptops & tablets HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Apple iPad, and more.
Accessories & gadgets Headphones, earphones, smartwatches, power banks, etc.
Mobile accessories Phone cases, screen protectors, chargers, USB cables, etc.

How to use the Insta EMI Card at Poorvika Mobiles Online

  1. Visit the Poorvika Mobiles official website to browse through their extensive collection of smartphones and accessories
  2. Select the products you want to buy and add them to your shopping cart
  3. During the checkout process, choose the "EMI" payment option and select the Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Car
  4. Now, pick the preferred EMI tenure from the various options provided
  5. Provide the necessary details and finalise your purchase

How to use the Insta EMI Card at Poorvika Mobiles offline stores

  1. Find the closest Poorvika Mobiles store to discover their selection of smartphones and accessories
  2. Select the products you want to purchase and inform the store executive about your preference for paying through EMI
  3. Share your EMI Card details with the store executive
  4. Choose the EMI tenure that aligns with your budgetary requirements
  5. After the transaction is processed, you will receive immediate approval for your purchase

Apply for Insta EMI Card

Benefits of using the Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card on Poorvika Mobiles

  • 1 million products on No Cost EMIs
  • Flexible repayment tenure of up to 60 months
  • Pre-approved card limit of up to 3 lakh
  • Special discounts and cashback
  • Hassle-free online and offline shopping
  • Zero down payment on select products

EMI Card features & benefits

Eligibility criteria for the Insta EMI Card

To apply for the Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card, you must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • You must be a resident of India
  • You should be between 21 years and 65 years of age
  • You should have a regular source of income

Check EMI Card documents required

Opting to shop on Poorvika Mobiles using the Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card is a clever decision, granting you access to the latest smartphones and accessories without any financial burden. The card's No Cost EMI option, flexible repayment tenures, and diverse product selection make it the perfect companion for a seamless and delightful mobile shopping journey. Get your Insta EMI Card today and experience a convenient and budget-friendly shopping journey at Poorvika Mobiles.

Find your nearest Poorvika Mobiles store using our store locator.


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Frequently asked questions

Can I buy mobiles on EMI scheme from Poorvika without a credit card?

Yes, you can buy mobiles on the EMI scheme from Poorvika Mobiles without a credit card. The Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card allows you to make purchases on No Cost EMI, eliminating the need for a credit card. Simply choose the desired mobile, select EMI as the payment option, and use your Insta EMI Card to complete the purchase.

How can I buy a mobile from Poorvika in instalments?

To buy a mobile from Poorvika in instalments, visit their store or website, select the preferred mobile phone, and opt for the EMI payment option during checkout. You can then choose the suitable EMI tenure, provide the necessary details, and complete the purchase.

How to buy mobiles with zero down payment at Poorvika online without a credit card?

Purchasing mobiles at Poorvika on zero down payment online is easy without a credit card. Simply use the Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card during checkout and select the desired EMI tenure for the mobile purchase to avail of the zero down payment option.

What are the best mobiles available on EMI at Poorvika?

Poorvika offers a wide selection of top mobile brands available on EMI. Some of the best mobile phone options on EMI at Poorvika include the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series, Xiaomi smartphones, and more

How can I avail offers at Poorvika Mobiles through the Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card?

To get offers at Poorvika Mobiles through the Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card, simply use the card during checkout and choose the EMI option. The card offers No Cost EMI, making your mobile purchases more affordable without any additional interest charges. Enjoy exclusive deals and discounts while shopping for mobiles with utmost ease and convenience.

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