How to shop Godrej products online on No Cost EMIs

Know the benefits of buying Godrej products and how to purchase it without a credit card.
How to shop Godrej products online on No Cost EMIs
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8th Sep 2023

In today's digital age, the convenience of online shopping has revolutionised the way we buy products, including household essentials. Godrej, a trusted name in the world of consumer goods, has made it even more accessible for consumers to purchase their products online, and what is more, you can do it on a No Cost EMI plan.

List of products by Godrej

Godrej offers a wide range of products across various categories, making it a one-stop shop for household needs. Some of the popular product categories you can find on the Godrej online store include:

Product category

Products offered

Home appliances

Refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, and more for a comfortable lifestyle.


Wardrobes, beds, sofas, and other durable furniture options known for quality and reliability.

Security solutions

Locks, safes, surveillance systems, and security products to safeguard your home and valuables.

Personal care

Soaps, shampoos, grooming items, and personal care products to meet your self-care needs.

Office and industrial solutions

Office furniture, storage solutions, and security systems designed for businesses and industries.

Why buy Godrej products on EMI Card?

Purchasing Godrej products on an EMI card, especially a No Cost EMI plan, offers several compelling reasons:

  1. Affordability: No Cost EMIs allow you to break down the cost of your purchase into equal monthly instalments, without any additional interest charges. This makes high-quality Godrej products more affordable, eliminating the need for a lump sum payment.
  2. Convenience: EMI plans make it easier to budget for your expenses by spreading the cost over several months, making Godrej products accessible to a wider audience.
  3. No credit card needed: You do not necessarily need a credit card to avail of EMI options for Godrej products. Many financial institutions and online platforms offer EMI facilities without the requirement of a traditional credit card.

Benefits of buying Godrej products online on No Cost EMIs

When you choose to buy Godrej products online on a No Cost EMI plan, you stand to gain numerous advantages:

  1. Financial flexibility: No Cost EMI plans provide you with the flexibility to choose a repayment tenure that suits your financial situation, whether it is six months, twelve months, or more.
  2. Interest-free: Unlike traditional loans or credit card EMIs, No Cost EMIs do not accrue any interest. You only pay the product's actual cost, which means no extra financial burden.
  3. Easy application process: The process of availing No Cost EMI is straightforward, and you can complete it online, saving you time and effort.
  4. Access to premium products: No Cost EMI plans make premium Godrej products accessible to a wider audience, allowing you to enjoy the quality and durability the brand is known for.

Check Features of Insta EMI Card

How to get Godrej products using Insta EMI Card

Now that you understand the benefits of purchasing Godrej products online on No Cost EMIs, let us explore how you can do it using an Insta EMI Card:

  1. Choose your product: Start by visiting the official Godrej online store or authorised e-commerce platforms that offer Godrej products. Browse through the product categories and select the item you want to purchase.
  2. Check EMI options: During the checkout process, look for EMI payment options. Many online retailers partner with financial institutions that offer EMI facilities.
  3. Choose an EMI plan: Once you have the Insta EMI Card, select the EMI plan that suits your budget. This will determine the monthly instalment amount and the repayment tenure.
  4. Complete the purchase: Enter your Insta EMI Card details during the checkout process and confirm your purchase. Your chosen Godrej product will be delivered to your doorstep, and your EMI payments will commence as per the selected plan.

Shopping for Godrej products online on No Cost EMIs is a smart and convenient way to acquire high-quality household essentials, furniture, personal care items, and security solutions. With the flexibility of EMI plans and the absence of interest charges, it is easier than ever to make your home comfortable, safe, and efficient. Whether you need a new refrigerator, a sturdy wardrobe, or state-of-the-art security systems, the Godrej online store offers a wide range of products, and with an Insta EMI Card, you can make these purchases with ease and financial peace of mind. Say goodbye to budget constraints and hello to a more comfortable and secure living environment with Godrej products on No Cost EMIs.

Consequent to directive received from Reserve Bank of India, Bajaj Finance Limited has temporarily suspended issuance, sanction and Disbursal under it's online loan products "ECom" and "Insta EMI card". However, you can walk-in to any of our offline partner stores and get your product financed. Refer to the detailed FAQ on our website for further queries.


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Frequently asked questions

Can I get a Godrej Products on No Cost EMI?

Yes, you can often get Godrej products on No Cost EMI. Many online retailers and EMI Network partner stores allow you to purchase Godrej products and pay for them in equal monthly instalments without incurring any additional interest charges.

Can I use an Insta EMI Card to buy other products besides the Godrej products?

Absolutely, an Insta EMI Card is not limited to buying Godrej products alone. You can use it to purchase a wide range of products from various brands and categories, depending on the retailers and platforms that accept EMI payments.

What are the benefits of using an Insta EMI Card to buy a Godrej products?

The benefits of using an Insta EMI Card to buy Godrej products include affordability, as it allows you to spread the cost over time without any interest charges, making premium products more accessible. It also offers financial flexibility with customisable tenure options, easy application processes, and convenient online transactions.

What will be the tenure for availing Godrej products on EMIs?

The tenure for availing Godrej products on EMIs can vary depending on the financial institution or online retailer you choose. Typically, you can select a repayment tenure of up to 60 months with the Insta EMI Card.

How can I get an EMI on Godrej products?

To get an EMI on Godrej products, follow these steps:

  • Visit an online retailer or platform that offers Godrej products.
  • Choose the desired Godrej product you wish to purchase.
  • During the checkout process, select the EMI payment option.
  • Select your preferred repayment tenure, add your EMI Card details and complete the purchase.

The chosen Godrej product will be delivered, and your EMI payments will commence as per the selected plan.

Is there a place where I can buy Godrej products on EMI?

Yes, you can buy Godrej products on EMI through various retail outlets and online platforms. Many retailers, like Amazon, Flipkart, Bajaj Mall, and other EMI Network partner stores, offer the option to purchase Godrej appliances, furniture, and other products in easy monthly instalments, making them more affordable for customers.

Do offline stores offer EMIs for Godrej products?

Offline stores often provide EMI options for Godrej products. You can shop for Godrej products using the Insta EMI Card at the multiple offline partner stores. This allows customers to walk into a physical store, select their desired Godrej product, and opt for EMI payment plans.

Are Godrej products budget-friendly?

Godrej products are known for their quality and durability. While they may not always be the cheapest option, they are considered reasonably priced for the value they offer. The affordability of Godrej products can vary depending on the specific product category and features, but they generally provide a good balance between quality and cost.

Can I use my Bajaj Finserv EMI Card to shop for Godrej products online?

Yes, you can use your Bajaj Finserv EMI Card to shop for Godrej products online. This EMI card is widely accepted by numerous online retailers, making it convenient for you to purchase Godrej appliances or furniture with easy monthly instalments.

Are there any eligibility criteria to avail of No Cost EMIs on Godrej products?

Eligibility criteria for availing No Cost EMIs on Godrej products may vary depending on the retailer and financing institution. Typically, eligibility is determined based on factors like your creditworthiness, income, and the specific terms and conditions set by the financing provider. It is advisable to check with the retailer or financing institution for detailed information on eligibility.

Can I choose the EMI tenure for my Godrej product purchase?

Yes, you can usually choose the EMI tenure for your Godrej product purchase. Many retailers and financing institutions offer flexibility in selecting the repayment duration. You can opt for a shorter or longer EMI tenure, depending on your budget and financial preferences, making it more convenient to manage your payments.

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