How To Find The Cheapest Personal Loan In India

Discover how to find the most affordable personal loan with our comprehensive guide.
Personal loan
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03 February 2024

Personal loans are unsecured loans that individuals borrow from banks, financial institutions, or online lenders for various purposes. Unlike specific-purpose loans (like home or car loans), a personal loans offers flexibility in usage, making them ideal for multiple purposes including medical expenses, higher education or any unforeseen costs. Interest rates, repayment terms, and eligibility criteria vary among lenders.

Borrowers usually repay the loan through fixed monthly instalments. Creditworthiness, income, and credit history are the few factors that influence the personal loan interest rate and loan amount.

How to find the cheapest personal loan in India?

Securing the best personal loan in India requires careful consideration of several factors. Here is a comprehensive guide with tips to help you navigate the process and find the most cost-effective option:

  • Research multiple lenders:
    Begin by researching various lenders, including banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) like Bajaj Finance Limited, and other online platforms. Understand their reputation, customer reviews, and the range of loan products they offer.
  • Compare interest rates:
    Interest rates significantly impact the cost of a personal loan. Compare interest rates from different lenders, considering both fixed and variable rate options. Choose the one that aligns with your financial goals and budget.
  • Check your credit score:
    A good credit score enhances your loan eligibility for lower interest rates. Obtain your credit report, and if your score is lower than desired, take steps to improve it before applying for a loan.
  • Understand the fees and charges:
    Lenders may impose various fees, including processing fees, prepayment charges, and late payment fees. Carefully read the terms and conditions to understand the complete fee structure associated with the personal loan.
  • Loan amount and tenure:
    Determine the exact amount that you need and the repayment tenure. While opting for a longer tenure may reduce monthly payments, it can increase the overall interest paid. You can use personal loan EMI calculator present on our website, compare various loan offers, compute the loan repayments in advance and find the right loan amount and tenure that aligns with your overall budget.
  • Negotiate with lenders:
    Do not hesitate to negotiate with lenders, especially if you have a strong credit history. Some lenders may be willing to adjust interest rates or waive certain fees to secure your business.
  • Check eligibility criteria:
    Understand and meet the eligibility criteria set by each lender. Meeting these criteria not only increases the chances of loan approval but may also impact the interest rate offered.

In conclusion, finding the cheapest personal loan in India requires a strategic approach. By researching lenders, comparing interest rates, maintaining a good credit score, understanding fees, and considering various personal loan features, you can make an informed decision that suits your financial needs. Utilise online resources, read customer reviews, and be proactive in negotiating with lenders to secure the most cost-effective personal loan for your requirements.

Bajaj Finance Limited offers personal loans of up to Rs. 40 lakh with favorable interest rates. Borrowers can use the funds for various financial needs ranging from higher education, to home renovation and more. You can choose from a tenure range of 6 months to 96 months, depending on your repayment capability. In a lot of cases, we provide instant approval on the and disburse the funds in just 24 hours* of approval.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the lowest personal loan you can get?

The lowest personal loan amount varies by lender but can typically start from a few thousand rupees.

How to get Rs. 30,000 rupees immediately?

You can obtain Rs. 30,000 rupees immediately through online lenders, borrowing from friends/family, or using certain mobile apps for quick loans.

Can I get a Rs. 50,000 loan without a salary slip?

Yes, you may secure a Rs. 50,000 loan without a salary slip through alternative documentation or collateral-based loans.

Which loan is cheaper as compared to credit card?

Personal loans generally offer lower interest rates compared to credit cards, making them a cheaper borrowing option for larger expenses over time.

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