Features and benefits of our home loan balance transfer

Read on to know why our home loan balance transfer is a great option.

Features and benefits of our home loan balance transfer


All you need to know about our home loan balance transfer

Watch this video to know everything about our home loan balance transfer: Features and benefits, fees and charges, eligibility criteria, and more.

  • Top-up of

    Top-up of Rs. 1 Crore*

    Using our home loan balance transfer facility, salaried professionals can avail of a top-up loan of up to Rs. 1 Crore*.

  • Low interest rates

    Low interest rates

    Benefit from our low interest rates starting at 8.50%* p.a. by refinancing your home loan. Pay EMIs as low as Rs. 769/lakh*.

  • No restrictions on top-up usage

    No restrictions on top-up usage

    You can use the top-up amount for medical emergencies, home renovation, wedding expenses, higher education and similar urgent needs.

  • Tenure of up to %$$HLBT-Tenor$$%*

    Tenure of up to 30 years*

    Manage your loan comfortably with our convenient repayment tenure of up to 30 years*.

  • Foreclosure facility

    Foreclosure facility

    Salaried professionals who opt for floating interest rates can make a part prepayment or foreclose the entire loan without a paying an additional fee.

  • Minimal documentation

    Minimal documentation

    The balance transfer process on home loans can be time-consuming. We keep our document requirements to a minimum, ensuring a hassle-free process.

  • Externally benchmarked interest rates

    Externally benchmarked interest rates

    You can opt for an interest rate which is linked to an external benchmark, such as the Repo Rate. This may benefit you during favourable market conditions.

  • Online account management

    Online account management

    You can access your loan status and EMI schedule online, and download your statement of account, and other documents on our customer portal - My Account.

  • *Terms and conditions apply

    For most people, owning a home represents a significant life achievement. A home loan balance transfer involves moving an existing mortgage to a new lender with better terms and a cheaper interest rate.

    When you transfers a balance, the full amount of the loan that is still owed is transferred to the new lender, and the old account is closed after the new lender pays the old lender the remaining debt. The borrower will benefit from a reduction in both the cost of interest on a home loan and the monthly instalments or EMIs, thanks to the new rate of interest.

    Our home loan balance transfer is easily available to anyone with a salary. Our application process is quick and simple, and you can submit a loan request in just a few minutes if you have the necessary papers on hand.

    Prepayment and foreclosure are two other free facilities. If you are a salaried individual borrower with a flexible interest rate, there are no costs for paying off your loan early.

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How to apply for a home loan balance transfer

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Step-by-step guide to applying for a home loan balance transfer

  1. Click on the 'APPLY' button on this page.
  2. Enter your full name, mobile number, employment type, and the type of loan you wish to apply for.
  3. Generate and submit your OTP to verify your phone number.
  4. Next, choose your current home loan lender from the drop-down and enter your monthly salary and the loan amount required.
  5. In the next step, enter additional details like your DOB, PAN number, email Id, current EMI amount and other details.
  6. Finally, click on the ‘SUBMIT’ button.

That is it! Your application is submitted. Our representative will connect with you to guide you through the next steps.