What is PVC Aadhaar Card & How to Order It

PVC based Aadhaar card is durable, comes with multiple security features and reliable as other forms of Aadhar card. Read on about a PVC Aadhaar card and how to order an Aadhaar card from UIDAI website.
What is PVC Aadhaar Card & How to Order It
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04 January 2024

The Aadhaar card is a unique identification card issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), a statutory authority established by the Indian government. The Aadhaar card is a 12-digit unique identification number assigned to Indian residents. It serves as both proof of identity and address and is one of the most widely accepted forms of identification in India. Aadhaar is available in various formats, including Aadhaar letter, Aadhaar PVC card, e-Aadhaar, and m-Aadhaar. All these forms are equally valid and accepted. Those seeking a more convenient and portable option can choose the Aadhaar PVC card.

When you have easy access to essential documents such as Aadhaar card, you should make use of such facilities. It will be particularly useful when you need funds to meet immediate expenses. You will need an Aadhaar card copy to submit as your KYC document when applying for funding options such as a personal loan.

What is a PVC Aadhaar card?

The introduction of the PVC Aadhaar card is a recent initiative aimed at enhancing the portability and durability of this essential document. UIDAI has unveiled the latest version of the Aadhaar card, crafted from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This innovation allows individuals to have their Aadhaar details reprinted on a PVC card, conveniently sized like a debit card for easy carrying in purses or wallets. An online service by UIDAI called "Order Aadhaar PVC Card" helps Aadhaar holders get their Aadhaar details printed on PVC cards by paying small fees.

What is order PVC Aadhaar card service of UIDAI?

Order PVC Aadhaar Card Service by UIDAI allows individuals to request a physical copy of their Aadhaar card made of durable PVC material. This card contains essential identity details and is convenient for offline verification. Applicants can place the order online, and the PVC Aadhaar card is delivered to their registered address.

Eligibility to apply for PVC Aadhaar card

All Aadhaar cardholders, irrespective of age, are eligible to apply for the PVC Aadhaar Card. To order, individuals need to have their 12-digit Aadhaar number or 16-digit Virtual ID. The service is available online through the official UIDAI website, facilitating the seamless issuance of durable PVC Aadhaar cards.

How to apply for a PVC Aadhaar card using a registered mobile number?

Applying for a PVC Aadhaar card involves a straightforward process facilitated by UIDAI. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a PVC Aadhaar card:

Step 1: Kindly visit https://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in.

Step 2: Select the "Order Aadhaar PVC Card" service. Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number or the 28-digit enrolment ID. Please be aware that if your enrolment ID is still in the processing stage, you will not be able to request a card.

Step 3: Enter the security code and input that the OTP received on your registered mobile number. Check the box next to "Terms and Conditions."

Step 4: Click the "Submit" button to complete the OTP verification. On the next screen, a preview of the Aadhaar details will appear for resident verification before placing the order for reprint.

Step 5: Click on "Make payment." You will be redirected to the payment gateway page with payment options such as credit/ debit card, net banking, and UPI.

Step 6: Following a successful payment, a receipt with a digital signature will be generated, which residents can download in PDF format.

How to track PVC Aadhaar card?

To track the PVC Aadhaar Card, applicants can visit the official UIDAI website and use the "Check Aadhaar PVC Card Status" tool. They need to enter the 28-digit SRN (Service Request Number) mentioned in the acknowledgment slip received during the application. The status and delivery details can then be accessed.

How to get your PVC Aadhaar card delivered?

After applying for a PVC Aadhaar Card, the delivery process involves visiting the official UIDAI website. Users can track the status using the 28-digit SRN (Service Request Number) and once dispatched, monitor the delivery progress. The PVC Aadhaar Card is sent to the registered address through India Post.

What are the multiple security features of PVC Aadhaar card?

The PVC Aadhaar Card incorporates various security features, including a hologram, ghost image, microtext, secure QR code, guilloche pattern, and embossed Aadhaar logo. These elements enhance the card's authenticity and make it resistant to tampering or duplication, ensuring the integrity and security of the cardholder's identity information.

How many days it will take to deliver the PVC Aadhaar card?

The delivery time for PVC Aadhaar Card varies, but it generally takes around 5 to 7 working days after the order is placed. However, the exact duration can be influenced by factors like location and postal services. Applicants can track the status on the UIDAI website for real-time updates.

What are the charges to order PVC Aadhaar Card?

The Aadhaar PVC card in India is available free of cost. However, individuals may need to pay nominal charges for the printing and delivery services if they choose to order the PVC card online through the official UIDAI website. Check for updates as policies may change.

The PVC Aadhaar card is a modern and efficient way to hold an Aadhaar card, providing individuals with a more durable and convenient means of carrying their Aadhaar information. The application process, as outlined by UIDAI, is user-friendly, allowing Aadhaar holders to easily obtain the PVC version of their Aadhaar card for enhanced portability and longevity.

It is a good idea to keep documents such as an Aadhaar card handy. When you are in need of funds, you can use your Aadhaar card as a support document while apply for a personal loan.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I get Aadhaar PVC card?

To get an Aadhaar PVC card, visit the official UIDAI website, select the "Order Aadhaar PVC Card" service, and follow the online process by entering your Aadhaar number or VID and security code.

How can I check my PVC Aadhar card status online?

There may not be a specific online status check for Aadhaar PVC card. Please visit the official UIDAI website or contact their helpline for the latest information.

What is the full form of Aadhaar PVC?

The full form of Aadhaar PVC is "Aadhaar Polyvinyl Chloride." It refers to the Aadhaar card printed on a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material, providing durability and a compact design.

Is Aadhaar PVC card free?

While the Aadhaar PVC card is generally free, individuals might incur nominal charges for printing and delivery services if they choose to order it online through the official UIDAI website.

Is Aadhaar PVC card original?

Yes, the Aadhaar PVC card is an official and legitimate document issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). It serves as a physical copy of Aadhaar.

How many days it takes for Aadhaar PVC card?

The Aadhaar PVC card is typically delivered within 5 to 7 working days from the date of the online request. Delivery times may vary.

What if Aadhaar PVC card is lost?

In case of a lost Aadhaar PVC card, you can order a reprint through the official UIDAI website. Report the loss and follow the necessary steps to obtain a replacement.

Is there any online version of Aadhaar card available?

Yes, you can download an e-Aadhaar card from UIDAI portal.

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