What is Pre EMI and How to Calculate It?

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In the realm of loans and financial commitments, pre-EMI is a term that often leaves borrowers with questions. However, this lesser-known concept plays a pivotal role in easing the initial financial strain associated with loan repayment. Pre-EMI, or Pre-Equal Monthly Instalment, is a term commonly associated with personal loans, home loans and other types of loans in India. It refers to the interest component of the loan that is payable each month before the full EMI payments begin.

Pre-EMI is more popular in home loans, especially in India. But, if you are looking for a personal loan with a pre-EMI benefit, then you can opt for Flexi Hybrid Loan by Bajaj Finance Limited. With Flexi Hybrid Loan, borrowers are only required to pay the interest on the disbursed loan amount during the initial tenure, and the principal with interest repayment starts only after the initial period ends.

What is Pre-EMI?

Pre-EMI, short for Pre-Equated Monthly Instalment, is a unique repayment method offered by financial institutions during the initial stages of a loan. Unlike traditional EMIs, pre-EMI focuses solely on the interest accrued on the disbursed loan amount. During the construction phase of your home or apartment, you will have the choice to make pre-EMI payments. A pre-EMI entails a reduced payment, excluding the principal component of the home loan. It's important to note that pre-EMIs are not factored into the home loan tenor. Upon the completion of your home's construction, your lender will request full EMI payments. The purpose of pre-EMIs is to alleviate your financial burden while your asset is undergoing development.

To further understand and plan pre-EMI payments effectively, borrowers can utilise an EMI calculator. An EMI calculator is a handy tool that helps borrowers estimate their monthly instalment payments based on the loan amount, interest rate, and tenure. By inputting these parameters into the calculator, borrowers can get an accurate projection of their pre-EMI and regular EMI payments, enabling them to make informed financial decisions and plan their loan repayment strategy effectively.

How to calculate pre-EMI?

To calculate pre-EMI, follow these steps:

Formula to calculate pre-EMI:

Pre-EMI Interest = (Loan Amount × Monthly Interest Rate)

Total Pre-EMI Amount = Pre-EMI Interest × Number of Months

Total Repayment Amount = Loan Amount + Total Pre-EMI Amount

For example, let's say you borrow Rs. 1,00,000 at an annual interest rate of 12% for a pre-EMI period of 3 months.

Loan Amount (Principal) = Rs. 1,00,000 Monthly Interest Rate = 12% / 12 = 1% or 0.01 Number of Months = 3

Pre-EMI Interest = Rs. 1,00,000 × 0.01 = Rs. 1,000 (for each month)

Total Pre-EMI Amount = Rs. 1,000 × 3 = Rs. 3,000

Total Repayment Amount = Rs. 1,00,000 + Rs. 3,000 = Rs. 1,03,000

So, during the pre-EMI period of 3 months, you would pay a total of ₹3,000 as interest before the regular EMIs (comprising both interest and principal components) begin.

Difference between Full EMI and Pre-EMI

  1. Loan disbursal: Full EMI kicks in after the entire loan amount is disbursed, whereas pre-EMI is applicable during the disbursal phase.
  2. Interest: Pre-EMI covers only the interest on the disbursed amount, while full EMI includes both principal and interest components.
  3. Repayment period: Full EMI starts after the loan is fully disbursed, resulting in a more extended repayment period. Pre-EMI shortens the overall period as borrowers commence repaying the principal sooner.
  4. Principal amount: During pre-EMI, borrowers repay only the interest until the complete loan amount is disbursed. In contrast, full EMI includes repayments towards both principal and interest.
  5. EMI payments: Pre-EMI leads to lower monthly payments initially, gradually increasing when the full EMI structure takes effect post-disbursal.

Understanding Pre-EMI and Flexi Hybrid Loan

Pre-EMI and Flexi Hybrid Loans offer distinct advantages tailored to different borrowing needs. Pre-EMI involves paying only the interest component of the full loan amount initially, gradually transitioning into full EMIs over time. It provides lower initial payments and flexibility in repayment, making it suitable for managing cash flow efficiently, especially during the initial stages of the loan.

In contrast, a Flexi Hybrid Loan offers borrowers a pre-approved credit limit from which they can withdraw funds as and when needed as per the requirement. Interest is charged only on the amount you have withdrawn from the approved loan limit. Borrowers have to pay only interest during the initial tenure of the loan. This option provides flexibility in borrowing, potential interest savings, and convenient repayment options. Borrowers can access funds as per their requirements without the hassle of multiple loan applications, making it ideal for managing fluctuating expenses or addressing unforeseen financial needs.

Choosing a Flexi Hybrid Loan offers several benefits:

  1. Flexibility: Borrowers can access funds as needed without reapplying for a loan, providing financial flexibility to address varying needs.
  2. Interest savings: Interest is charged only on the amount withdrawn, potentially resulting in savings compared to traditional term loans where interest accrues on the entire loan amount.
  3. Convenient repayment: Borrowers can repay the borrowed amount at their convenience, either through EMIs or lump-sum payments, aligning with their cash flow and financial goals.

Pre-EMI emerges as a beacon of financial relief, offering lower initial EMIs and tax benefits to borrowers. However, Choosing a Flexi hybrid loan over a traditional loan with pre-EMI offers compelling advantages. Its flexibility in repayment, lower initial payments, and potential interest savings make it an attractive option. With simple eligibility criteria, customisable repayment schedules and the ability to mitigate income fluctuations, borrowers gain greater control over their finances. Additionally, reduced overall borrowing costs further sweeten the deal. In a world where financial circumstances can change rapidly, the adaptability and cost-effectiveness of Flexi hybrid loans make them a prudent choice for borrowers seeking financial stability and control.

Apply for a Flexi Hybrid Loan and manage your unexpected expenses with ease.


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