Update bank account details for your Two-wheeler Loan in My Account

Visit our customer portal to manage your bank account details.

Manage your bank account details

When you borrow a two-wheeler loan, you will be asked to share your bank account details as a part of the application process. This becomes your registered bank account from which your loan EMIs get debited on a pre-set date.

If your registered bank account undergoes any change, it is important to update it so that you’re EMIs get deducted without any hassles. This is to ensure that you do not miss any of your EMIs and your CIBIL Score remains unaffected.

You can change your bank account details easily in a few simple steps by visiting the customer portal – My Account.

  • Change your registered bank account details

    Change your registered bank account details

    • Click on the ‘Sign-in’ button on this page to visit the customer portal.
    • Enter the registered mobile number and an OTP to sign-in.
    • Verify your details using your date of birth.
    • Select the loan account for which you want to update the bank account details.
    • Enter the required details such as the accountholder’s name, new bank account number, and IFSC.
    • Choose the registration mode and proceed.

    You can also go to our customer portal by clicking on the ‘Update your bank account details’ option below. Once signed-in, select your loan account for which you want to change bank account details. You can then enter the new bank account details, IFSC, and proceed.

    Update your bank account details

  • You can update your bank account details easily by visiting our customer portal – My Account. All you have to do is sign-in, select the loan account and proceed to update your details.

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  • Check your two-wheeler loan account

    Visit our customer portal – My Account to view your loan details.