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What are the Current Price Rates of Property in Chennai?

Property Rates in Chennai

A promising South Indian city, Chennai has a flourishing real-estate market that receives demand from both investors and consumers. Increasing job opportunities and infrastructural growth make this price-sensitive market favourable. Hence, despite the rising trend of property prices, home-buyers can expect to get residential houses at affordable property rates in Chennai.

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Now, check out the current price rates of properties like a residential apartment, residential land, etc. in Chennai.

A List Of Property Rates In Chennai

  1. 1. Price Rates For Residential Apartments
  • Chennai Central

Among the most developed areas in the city, Central Chennai property prices range approximately between Rs. 6,500/Sq. Ft. and Rs. 14,200/Sq. Ft.

  • Chennai West

Residential apartments in Chennai West are available for as low as Rs. 2,700/Sq. Ft. in areas like Sriperumbudur. The higher range reaches up to Rs. 8,000/Sq. Ft., including among the best apartments and other residential setups.

  • Chennai North

Apartments in Chennai North are available in a wide price range of Rs. 3,400 to Rs. 11,600/Sq. Ft.

  • Chennai Central

Chennai south covers a large area and you can get residential apartments here ranging between Rs. 2,300 and Rs. 15,600/Sq. Ft.

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  1. 2. Price Rates For Residential Lands

Residential lands in Chennai come with varying price ranges. Where plots at places like Veppampattu in Chennai North are available at Rs. 6,500/Sq. Yd., rates in Mylapore of Chennai South reach up to Rs. 2.08 Lakh/Sq. Yd.

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