Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka With Family

Here’s how a personal loan can make your Sri Lankan holiday a reality.
Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka With Family
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08 January 2024

Sri Lanka, a jewel in the Indian Ocean, boasts a rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty that beckons travelers from around the globe. But embarking on a journey to this mesmerizing island nation requires careful planning. This is where our personal loans can serve as a viable option to finance your dream vacation.

In this article, we take a look at some of the most exciting destinations in Sri Lanka and show you how a personal loan can be the key to unlocking this tropical paradise.

Top tourist places to go in Sri Lanka with family

Here are some must-visit places in Sri Lanka that capture the essence of its beauty and charm.

Sigiriya – The Ancient Marvel:

Begin your Sri Lankan odyssey with a visit to Sigiriya, an ancient rock fortress that stands as a testament to the island's rich heritage. The steep ascent to the top rewards travelers with breathtaking panoramic views of lush green landscapes. Sigiriya can serve as a symbolic starting point for an exploration.

Kandy – The Cultural Capital:

Nestled amidst hills and a serene lake, Kandy is the cultural heart of Sri Lanka. The Temple of the Tooth, an iconic Buddhist site, and the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens are must-visit attractions. Visit Kandy and immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of this beautiful city.

Ella – A Haven for Nature Enthusiasts:

Journey to Ella, a small town surrounded by picturesque hills and tea plantations. The Ella Rock hike and the Nine Arch Bridge are among the highlights, offering travelers a chance to reconnect with nature.

Galle – The Coastal Gem:

For a dose of history combined with seaside charm, Galle is a must-visit destination. The Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site, transports visitors back in time with its cobblestone streets and Dutch colonial architecture.

Trincomalee – Tropical Paradise on the East Coast:

Explore the untouched beauty of Trincomalee on the east coast, known for its pristine beaches and vibrant coral reefs. Whether you are a sun seeker or a water sports enthusiast, Trincomalee has something to offer for everyone.

How can a personal loan make your Sri Lankan trip a reality?

If you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka, you must consider a travel loan from Bajaj Finance. It can provide you with the necessary financial cushion to cover all your travel expenses.

Here’s what you can expect from our personal loan:

Flexible financing:

Personal loans offer a flexible financing option tailored to meet the unique needs of your travel plans. Whether you need funds for flights, accommodations, or sightseeing, a personal loan provides the financial freedom to design your dream itinerary.

Quick and convenient application process:

The personal loan application process is streamlined and efficient, allowing you to secure funds for your Sri Lankan adventure without unnecessary delays.

Minimal documentation:

Personal loans often come with minimal document requirement, ensuring that you can explore the beauty of Sri Lanka without breaking the bank.

Simple eligibility criteria:

Meeting the personal loan eligibility criteria is generally straightforward. Lenders typically consider factors such as income, credit history, and employment status. This accessibility makes personal loans a viable option for a broad spectrum of individuals seeking to finance their travel aspirations.

Embarking on a journey to discover the wonders of Sri Lanka is a dream that can be turned into reality with the financial support of a personal loan. From the ancient marvel of Sigiriya to the coastal charm of Trincomalee, each destination offers a unique experience that can be enhanced with the flexibility and convenience of a personal loan.

Apply now and transform your travel dreams into cherished memories.


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Frequently asked questions

What is Sri Lanka very famous for?

Sri Lanka is famous for its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, vibrant wildlife, and pristine beaches. The country offers a unique blend of history, spirituality, and natural beauty.

What is Sri Lanka famously called?

Sri Lanka is famously called the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean" due to its stunning natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and rich cultural heritage that make it a unique destination.

Which month is best to visit Sri Lanka?

The best time to visit Sri Lanka is generally from December to March when the weather is dry and pleasant. However, different regions may have varying climate patterns.

How many days are sufficient to visit Sri Lanka?

A 10 to 14-day trip is often recommended to explore the main attractions in Sri Lanka comfortably. This duration allows for a diverse experience of the culture, nature, and history.

How much will it cost for a trip to Sri Lanka from India?

The cost of a trip to Sri Lanka from India can vary based on factors like travel duration, accommodation, and activities. A budget estimate could range from ₹30,000 to ₹60,000 per person.

How safe is Sri Lanka for tourists?

Sri Lanka is generally considered safe for tourists. However, it's essential to stay updated on local conditions, follow travel advisories, and take common-sense safety precautions.

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