Laptop buying guide 2023

Refer to the laptop buying guide to help identify a laptop best suited to your needs.
Laptop buying guide 2023
5 min read
05 Apr 2023

Whether you are planning to buy a laptop to work from home or attend online classes, finding a good laptop requires the proper insight into must-have features and specifications.

To streamline your search, here is a laptop buying guide to help you identify a laptop best suited to your needs.

Operating system

Choosing the correct Operating System (OS) is the first and the most important step when buying a new laptop as it determines the environment you will work in. Therefore, verify that the pre-loaded OS meets your end-user needs.

Windows MacOS Linux
  • Latest version is Windows 10.

  • Easy to use, intuitive GUI.

  • An ideal platform for work or study use.

  • Latest version is macOS 10.15 'Catalina'.

  • Simplified user interface.

  • Ease of multitasking for robust users.

  • Less vulnerable to security lapses.

  • Open-source operating system.

  • Secure to malicious programmes.

  • Supports wide range of programming languages for coders.

  • Reliable and does not compromise performance.

Tips for buying a laptop

Category Tip
Screen size 15.6 is standard, but 12 to 14 inches can be more portable.
Display type Pick IPS for great viewing angles.
RAM & ROM 4GB RAM or more for multitasking with at least 512GB storage.
Battery Around 8 hours of battery life support.

How to determine the storage capacity

More storage capacity helps a laptop perform actions in the background seamlessly. It is always good to have more storage in your laptop to save media files and give enough space to the device to boot flawlessly. Different types of hard drive are:

Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) offer huge storage size at a reasonable cost per gigabyte. Solid State Drives (SDDs) provide smooth booting and multitasking performance and are good for thin and light laptops. Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHDs) offer maximum capacity at an affordable price along with sound booting and loading.

How to identify right RAM size in laptop

Larger RAM renders good multitasking abilities in laptops. You can identify the right RAM size for your new laptop, depending on your usage, i.e., office work, casual browsing, or online classes:

Light use Medium use Heavy and demanding use
For browsing websites, watching videos online, or doing office work. Intensive usage like photo editing, and run semi-demanding office programmes. Professional gamer, video editing and rendering, working with large number of images, animation, and graphic design work.
Budget laptop with a decent 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage. Core i3 – i5 processor with 4GB to 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage. Core i9 and above, 16 to 32GB RAM and a top-end SSD storage unit.

How to choose the best processor in laptop 

Dual core Quad core AMD
  • Integrates two processors in a single package,

  • Ideal for multitasking

  • It consumes less energy.

  • Delivers fast performances.

  • Integrates two dual-core procesrs within a single processor.

  • Doubles efficiency and speed.

  • More battery efficiency.

  • Best suited for gaming.

  • Security features, manageability, and performance.

  • Controls the temperature.

  • Robust battery life.

  • Performance at a reasonable price range.

When it comes to choosing a good laptop, the CPU processor must be considered wisely. The best CPU processor offers the fastest speed and the number of cores.

Features to look for in a new laptop

Now that you know the most important features that you should look in a laptop before buying, here are some of the additional specifications not to miss out.

USB Port Display Touchscreen
USB Type-C offers speed and functionality. OLED screen displays better than real life images. Makes the interface simpler and eases access.
2-in-1 PCs Wi-Fi Graphics
Next-gen laptops that can fold flat and even detach for a tablet experience. Get next-gen Wi-Fi 6 that is faster than the standard 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Look for a laptop that has a Nvidia Graphic chip.

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