Folio Number: Meaning, Advantages and How to Get Folio Number

Uncover the meaning and importance of a Folio Number in the world of mutual funds. Explore its role in managing your investments and financial assets.
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25 September 2023

When you invest in a mutual fund, the AMC will assign you a folio number, which is a unique alphanumeric identifier assigned to each investor. This number serves as a reference point for the investor's mutual fund investments within that particular AMC. The investor can have multiple folio numbers with the same AMC as well. These numbers helps in tracking and managing the investor's holdings, ensure ng accurate record-keeping and simplifying transactions. Each mutual fund scheme you invest in under a specific AMC will have its own folio number, allowing you to manage multiple investments conveniently. The folio number is crucial for monitoring the performance of your investments and conducting various transactions related to mutual funds.

How is Folio number relevant to investors

Mutual fund statements serve a vital role as they provide a concise overview of your investment history within a specific fund, much like a bank account statement details your transactions for a particular bank account. Consequently, the folio number becomes a fundamental element of your mutual fund statement. It is imperative to ensure consistency in this number with every investment you make. Utilising the same folio number streamlines the management of your investments with the Asset Management Company (AMC).

Features and advantages of Folio Number

  1. Uniqueness: Each folio number is distinct and unique to the investor. It ensures that no two investors have the same folio number within the same Asset Management Company (AMC).
  2. Ease of Management: Investors can have multiple mutual fund investments under a single folio number. This feature simplifies portfolio management, as it allows all investments within the same AMC to be consolidated under one identifier. Folio numbers make it convenient for investors to manage their mutual fund holdings. Whether you want to invest more, redeem units, switch between schemes, or update personal information, the folio number acts as a reference point for these transactions.
  3. Simplicity and consolidation: Folio numbers simplify the management of multiple investments across various mutual funds. Instead of remembering multiple account numbers, investors can use a single folio number to access their entire portfolio within an AMC. Folio numbers enable the consolidation of various mutual fund schemes and holdings under a single identifier.

How to Find Your Folio Number

If you have forgotten your folio number, you can find it in the following ways:

Check your mutual fund statement

The folio number is present on your statement


AMC app or website

You can access your folio number details through AMC app or website by entering your PAN.

Through CAS or Consolidated Account Statements

Another method involves utilising Consolidated Account Statements. These statements provide a comprehensive overview your investments spanning various folio numbers associated with different Asset Management Companies (AMCs).


Folio number is the key to organised and efficient management of your investment portfolio. This unique identifier simplifies tracking, record-keeping, and transactions, making it easier for investors to monitor their holdings across various mutual fund schemes and Asset Management Companies. Understanding the significance of the folio number empowers you to navigate the complex landscape of mutual fund investments with ease. So, remember to keep track of your folio numbers, as they are your digital fingerprints in the world of mutual funds, ensuring that your financial journey is well-organised and secure.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find my folio number?

Folio numbers are unique identification numbers assigned to mutual fund investors. You can find your folio number on your mutual fund statement, on AMC app or website, or through CAS (Consolidated Account Statements).

What is an example of a folio number?

A folio number is a unique identifier assigned to mutual fund investors. It is a mix of letters and digits that represents your shares in a mutual fund scheme.

How do you find the folio number of physical shares?

Physical shares are represented by share certificates, which contain the folio number of the investor. You can find the folio number on the share certificate or by contacting the company’s registrar and transfer agent.

Can you explain what is a mutual fund folio number?

A mutual fund folio number is a unique identification number assigned to mutual fund investors. It represents your shares in a mutual fund scheme and ensures systematic storing of mutual fund investment records.

How many folio numbers do I need to have at any point in time?

You can have multiple folio numbers if you invest in different mutual fund schemes or hold shares in different companies.

What happens if I forget my folio number?

If you forget your folio number, you can retrieve it from your mutual fund statement or on AMC app or website or through CAS (Consolidated Account Statements).

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