How to Update Your Name in Your EPF Account

Understand how to update your name in your EPF account
Update Your Name in Your EPF Account
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The Employee Provident Fund (EPF) scheme was introduced to guarantee financial security for salaried employees in their post-retirement years. The EPF corpus amassed during the employment years becomes an essential part of your retirement planning. However, incorrect details in your EPF account can hinder your claims on the saved corpus. Misspelt or incorrect names are among the most common errors in EPF accounts. Failing to update your name after marriage or correct a spelling error can complicate the withdrawal process. To ease this issue, the EPFO introduced an online name change service in 2017.

Online method of changing employee name in EPF account

Understanding how to change your name in an EPF account online can save you from the unnecessary hassles of submitting physical documents and a long waiting period of three months. Here is a step-by-step process to changing your name in an EPF account online:

Step 1: Go to the EPFO Unified portal.

Step 2: Log in with your user ID (UAN) and password.

Step 3: Go to the ‘Manage’ tab and click the ‘Modify Basic Details’ option.

Step 4: On the next page, fill in your name as per your Aadhaar Card.

Step 5: Click on ‘Update Details’.

Step 6: Upon successful request submission, you will receive a ‘Pending Approval by Employer’ notification.

Employers can review requests under the ‘Details Change Request’ option listed under the ‘Member’ tab. Post the employer’s verification, the request will be sent to the Dealing Head of the concerned EPFO office. After the Dealing Head’s review, the request is sent to the Section Supervisor and then to the APFC/RPFC. The APFC/RPFC has the final say on whether the request is approved or denied.

Generally, once your request is verified by your employer, EPF will update your name within 30 days.

Note: Ensure your details are updated on the UIDAI portal since the EPFO verifies name change requests against your Aadhaar Card details.

EPF name correction form

The EPF name correction form is more of a joint letter addressed to the Regional EPFO Commissioner than a form. According to the EPFO guidelines, it must be written in the following format:

  • The letter should be addressed to the Regional PF Commissioner.
  • The subject of the letter should be titled ‘Joint declaration by the member and employer’.
  • In the letter, state that you are/were an employee of the company that entered the wrong details and that you are writing this letter to request corrections.
  • In the table with three columns, enter the correct entry and the incorrect entry made. While the table will list multiple correction particulars, you only need to fill in the ones where the information requires updating.
  • Mention the documents you will provide to support your name change claim.
  • Affix your name to the form and sign it.
  • Enter the name of your former organisation’s authorised signatory.
  • The authorised signatory needs to sign and seal the form.

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How to change the name in EPF after marriage

In India, it is common for women to take up the husband’s family surname after marriage. If you have already changed your name in bank records, it is essential to update your name across all government documents and official records, including EPF, to avoid future issues. To update your name on the EPFO database after marriage, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the EPFO Unified portal.

Step 2: Log in with your UAN and password.

Step 3: Click ‘Modify Basic Details’ under the ‘Manage’ tab.

Step 4: Enter your new surname to be updated.

Step 5: Click the ‘Update’ button.

Before updating your name on the EPFO database, you should get your name updated on your Aadhaar card. Doing so will allow seamless e-KYC verification for the change. Additionally, for a name change due to marriage, you may need to submit additional documents like copies of your marriage certificate to validate your claim.

Documents accepted as EPF account name change proofs

As per government mandates, the following documents are accepted as valid proofs for EPF account name change requests:

  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN Card
  • Voter’s ID
  • Ration card
  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Bank/post office passbook
  • ESID ID card
  • Utility bill (water/phone/electricity)
  • Birth certificate issued by the registrar
  • School records and education certificates

EPF name change rules

Understanding the EPF account name change rules and regulations can help make the process seamless and hassle-free. You should keep the following regulations in mind when applying for a name change:

  • Both your employer and the EPFO must verify the name change request.
  • Only documents from the above-mentioned list are accepted as valid name change proofs. Ensure that the document you submit has the correct details.


Updating your name and EPF details can help avoid unnecessary claim rejections down the line. But before you update your information online, ensure that your Aadhaar card is up to date since the EPFO will verify your credentials through the Aadhaar database.

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Frequently asked questions

How to solve name mismatch problem in EPFO?
You can simply log in to the EPFO Unified portal to correct a name mismatch problem. Alternatively, you can submit a joint declaration with your employer (along with valid supporting documents) to the Regional PF Commissioner to correct the error.
How many days will it take to change name in EPF?
Generally, the EPFO takes about 15-30 days to process a name change request.
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