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FD Interest Rates (w.e.f. 10 Jul 2017)

Tenor in months Cumulative Non-cumulative
Monthly Quarterly Half yearly Annual
12 – 23 7.60% 7.35% 7.39% 7.46% 7.60%
24 – 35 7.80% 7.53% 7.58% 7.65% 7.80%
36 – 60 7.85% 7.58% 7.63% 7.70% 7.85%

How to Get the Best Rates On Your FD Investment?

We offer the best interest rates on our FD schemes for all categories. In addition to that, we provide other benefits as well. Check them out here.

  • High interest rate for all:
    A rate of 7.85% is offered when you invest in a fixed deposit between 3 to 5 years (36 to 60 months), giving you a safe, reliable and beneficial way to invest and grow your savings.
  • Special rates for senior citizens—additional 0.25%:
    A rate of 8.10% is offered to individuals more than 60 years of age (age proof required) up to a deposit of Rs.1 crore.
  • Tenor in months Cumulative Non-cumulative
    Monthly Quarterly Half yearly Annual
    12 – 23 7.85% 7.60% 7.64% 7.71% 7.85%
    24 – 35 8.05% 7.78% 7.83% 7.90% 8.05%
    36 – 60 8.10% 7.83% 7.88% 7.95% 8.10%
  • Bajaj group employees—additional 0.10%:
    A rate of 7.95% is offered to Bajaj group employees (Bajaj Auto Ltd., Bajaj Finance Ltd., Bajaj Holdings & Investment Ltd., Bajaj Electricals Ltd., Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Ltd, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Ltd., Maharashtra Scooters Ltd. and Mukand Ltd.)
  • Existing loan customer—additional 0.10%:
    A rate of 7.95% is offered to our existing loan customers for a deposit size up to Rs.1 crore.
  • Benefits on renewal:

    Additional 0.10% on renewal of your existing Fixed Deposit from Bajaj Finance over & above card rate.
    A rate of 8.20% is offered to senior citizen customers on Fixed Deposit renewal.
    A rate of 8.05% is offered to Bajaj group employees and Bajaj Finance existing loan customers on renewal.

Features of Bajaj Finance FD
Deposit Amount Starting Rs. 25, 000
Rate of Interest Up to 8.10%
Benefits on renewal 0.10% over and above the rate of interest
High on Stability and Credibility FAAA/Stable rating by CRISIL
MAAA (Stable) rating by ICRA

Cumulative FD Vs. Non-Cumulative FD: A Comparison:

Bajaj Finance offers two type of FDs based on when the interest is paid out:

  • Cumulative FDs:
    This FD scheme offers investors the interest payable at the time when the FD matures.
  • Non-cumulative FDs:
    This FD scheme offers investors interest on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis.

Here’s how the interest amount will change when you choose a Cumulative vs. a Non-Cumulative FD:


Non-Cumulative (monthly)

FD amount Rs.10,00,000 Rs.10,00,000
Tenure 5 years 5 years
Interest rate 7.85% 7.58%
Interest earned Rs.4, 59, 153 Rs.3, 79, 000
Maturity amount Rs.14, 59, 153 Rs.13, 79, 000