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Why should you choose a Bajaj Finserv Business Loan for Doctors?

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  • Bajaj Finserv Business Loan for Doctors gives you access to funds in 24 hours

  • With a loan amount of Rs.30 lakh, cater to all your practice needs

  • Easy eligibility, minimum documentation & doorstep services

Bajaj Finserv’s Business Loan for Doctors is a feature-packed, tailor-made financing solution for doctors who want to expand their practice.

1. Money in your bank account in 24 hours

You can get the loan in 24 hours of the document verification. So, even if your practice meets an unplanned need, you can take care of it immediately and without any hassle

2. High loan amount of Rs.30 lakh

Business Loans for Doctors come with Rs.30 lakh so that all your practice needs are met.
- Buy or lease office space/premises: Add a new clinic and expand your patient reach. A high loan amount helps your practice to:
- Hire specialised staff and personnel: Invest in the right human resources to mete out better treatment.

- Renovate your established clinic: Refurbish your existing premises to give patients a better experience.
- Buy/ upgrade equipment: Superior treatment requires up-to-date equipment and materials.
- Maintain your clinic’s working capital: Manage your medical inventory, pay your suppliers/creditors and manage overhead costs.
- Go digital: Maintain EHRs, adopt telemedicine, comply to GST norms by maintaining MIS & billing software.
- Meet unplanned cash needs:Don’t let finances come in the way of running your practice.

3. Collateral-free

A Business Loan for Doctors doesn’t require any collateral or guarantor so that your assets are completely risk-free.

4. Affordable interest rate

These loans come with an attractive interest rate and keepyour EMIs low

5. Flexi-loan facility

A Flexi Loan allows you to withdraw from a credit line as and when the need arises. You can withdraw and repay sums of money as many times as you want.With these loans, you can save up to 45.3% on your EMIs. Flexi Business Loansare the smart way for doctors to manage their practice’s daily activities .

6. Wide tenor

The repayment tenor ranges from 12 to 96 months, so you can repay it comfortably, as per your convenience.

7. Easy eligibility criteria and minimal documentation

The eligibility criteria for Business Loans for Doctors is simple and based on just your degree and experience, the loan is given to you. This makes the loan 100% hassle-free.

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8. Convenient 5-step application process

Easy online application processsaves you time and gives you a hassle-free loan application experience. Doorstep services, wherein our representatives collect the documents from your doorstep, further expedite the process.
Step 1: Fill in your personal details on the online application form
Step 2: Receive the confirmation call from a Bajaj Finserv representative and schedule a time for documents pickup
Step 3: Submit the documents to the representative right at your doorstep
Step 4: Get the money in bank in 24 hours

9. Access to pre-approved offers

Bajaj Finserv customers get exciting pre-approved offers on loans.

10. No hidden charges:

With all charges and fees are stated upfront,you are aware right from the start.

11. Bank on-the-go

You get to manage your loan account online, anytime and anywhere.

12. Professional Indemnity Insurance

Bajaj Finserv offers Professional Indemnity Insurance plans to protect you from unforeseen financial liabilities or losses arising from medical negligence, omission or errors.

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