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Why Modern And Antique Room Partitions Can Make Your Home Seem Bigger And Stylish

  • Highlights

  • Plan out how many spaces need partitions and set a budget

  • Partitions add utility and style to your home

  • Take the partition material and angle into account

  • Finance your purchase with a top-up loan on a home loan

While renovating your home, you may come across spaces that are too large or too small for your use. Rather than adding or breaking down walls, windows or doors, a smart way of getting more out of available layout is using room partitions. These partitions not only increase utility, but also add to the ambience. You can go modern with sleek glass and chrome dividers or go vintage with wooden dividers with carvings or mesh, based on the style of your home.

Investing in wall partitions can be expensive, so you can opt for a top-up loan over and above your home loan as it has a nominal rate of interest and doesn’t need any additional documentation. You can thus go with a partition of your choice without compromising on quality and give your home a brand new look.

Here’s how you can get started.

How room partitions unite utility with style

A room partition is worth investing in as it provides utility while elevating the entire look of your home. If you have a spacious kitchen or living room, create an additional space by adding a divider. You can use this space as a small study to work, as a dining area or as a library to relax in. Another great place they work is in your children’s room. If you have two kids and just one extra room to spare, adding a partition between the room creates two separate spaces within the room, thus giving your children some privacy.

Investing a well-designed partition gives your home a plush look and will also increase the value of your house, if you ever choose to put it on the market.

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How to place the partitions for the best results

The placement of the wall partition can give the illusion of more space. Adding a wall partition to a room that is already too small will create a very congested look. Analyse the floor space and the setting of your furniture to avoid such a mistake. Also, consider the angle at which you intend to place it. Some rooms may look more spacious with a wall partition along the length of the room instead of its breadth and vice-versa.

Types of room dividers you can choose from

Choosing the right type of wall partition is crucial to the final look of your home. Carefully analyse your options keeping in mind the kind of look you want to create.You can choose from glass, wood and material board partitions.
• Glass partitions can make your room look more spacious. The price of a glass partition starts from Rs.200 per square feet. The higher the quality and design of the glass, the more expensive the partition will be.
• Wooden partitions add a classy finishing touch to any home with wooden interiors. A stylish and superior quality wooden partition unit's price starts from Rs.38,000 per unit. Prices are subject to the quality, polishing and painting of the wood.
• Material board partitions can be used to create a custom-designed wall partition. The cost of good fibre material wall partitions starts from Rs.450 per square metre. Prices will vary based on design, texture and quality.
For best results, plan in advance and use the best quality products that are durable while adding to the style of your home.

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