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Top trends every wood kitchen cabinet and countertop manufacturer should know

  • Highlights

  • Add value to cabinets with ‘under-cabinet lighting’

  • Devote special attention to colours and designs

  • Mix materials such as steel and quartz with wood, to stay on trend

  • Use a Business Loan to align your cabinet styles with current trends

According to the data released by Freedonia, the global demand for cabinets will rise by 5.5% in 2018. While the US will contribute the most to his number and retain its position as the largest market, Asia isn’t far behind, and is expected to show robust growth too. As a manufacturer of wooden kitchen cabinets and countertops, you can work towards growing your business by building a strategy and update your manufacturing techniques to keep pace with evolving trends.

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So, take a look at 4 trends in the wooden kitchen cabinet industry and make plans to design your upcoming season’s product catalogue accordingly.

1. Find smart ways to incorporate under-cabinet lighting

Adequate lighting in the kitchen is a must and people generally give priority to overhead lighting. However, under-cabinet lighting is a rising global trend. These are helpful because they provide focused lighting and complement the overhead lights brilliantly. Also, installing these lights makes your cabinets look spacious, helps cut away shadows or darker zones, and creates a warmer ambience in the room. You can choose from a range of lights such as LED, puck lights, linear lights, xenon, etc. or offer a mix of a few options. However, remember to base your light selection on the cabinet size.

2. Keep an eye on the colour scheme of cabinets

Every room of a house is designed to tie in with a theme and complement the resident’s personality. You should extend this idea to cabinet designs and colours too. So, design cabinets that are likely to fit in with a variety of tastes. Look at rustic designs, dark colours for a modern homeowner and basic ones for those on a budget.

3. Give wooden cabinets a twist by complementing wood with newer materials

Quartz, granite, marble, tiles, mosaic, and glass can be combined with wood and will help you create cabinets that look like a work of art. Besides, materials such as quartz and stainless steel are incredibly popular right now too. One way of approaching this is by thinking of how your cabinets can serve as a display for crockery when you mix it with glass, as a piece of art when you combine it with tiles, or as a make-shift worktop when you top it with marble or quartz.

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4. Add value-adds to your cabinets

While lights are one way to spruce up your offerings, customers are always looking for smarter storage that doesn’t waste space. So, add removable under-shelf baskets, baskets on the inside of the door as well as slim spice racks, container organisers, rotating shelves, etc. This will help customers make the best use of their kitchen and ensure that no space is inaccessible and hence wasted. Also, when you design, keep in mind the varying shapes and layouts that kitchens now have. You want to be able to cater to every shape, be it an L-shaped kitchen, a U-shaped one or a spacious one with an island.

Design your catalogue keeping these trends in mind. It is a smart idea to invest in market research and see which of these trends and options are gathering momentum, and then design your range. To finance the entire process in an instant, check your pre-approved offers.

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