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Top Architecture Trends to Know When You Design Your Home

  • Highlights

  • Eco-friendly additions protect the environment

  • Old structures help you maintain history

  • Incorporate multi-purpose furniture

  • Pay attention to outdoor spaces

Once you buy an apartment, plot of land or bungalow, customising your home to suit your tastes and preferences is the next big step. With advancements in technology, architecture has come a long way too. Apart from your aesthetic sense, you can hire the best firms to design your home in a manner that it is environment-friendly, celebrates the landscape around you, or serves as a canvas for your passion, whether it is antique furniture or Indian artwork. Safeguard your new home by purchasing Home Insurance Policy through a trusted institution such as Bajaj Finserv. This comprehensive policy not only provides a cover for your valuables, but also any losses you incur due to calamities like flood and fire.

To get started, refer to these five top architecture trends for inspiration.

1. Incorporate organic architecture to build or add structures

With global warming deteriorating our natural habitat, consider designing a home using biodegradable materials so that no harm is caused to the environment. Add a wall, floor or kitchen counters and cabinets made of recycled cork panels, recycled steel and recycles glass tiles. Use bamboo and recycled plastic for flooring and incorporate the use of solar power through panels on the roof and windows.

2. Refurbish the old and create the new

Consider making your home using an old structure. This is a great way to preserve historic architecture and allows you to incorporate elements of modern design in your new home. You can consider spaces such as old warehouses and unused factories. Older buildings usually come with thicker walls and higher ceilings which are not prominent with modern architecture. Vintage architecture does not only add to the aesthetics, but also helps you suit your building structure with the weather of that particular location.

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3. Use insulated and sturdy concrete

Natural disasters and weather conditions affect the lifespan of building structures. In regions that are prone to cyclonic winds and drastic weather conditions, it is important to use sturdy and insulated concrete. Insulated wall panels are the preferred choice for builders in such regions. The walls act as a thermal barrier and allow your home to retain more heat. This helps you save on heating costs in colder regions such as Kashmir, Dharamshala or places with extreme climate like Delhi and Jaipur.

Also, if you inhabit a home in these areas then consider purchasing a home insurance policy to combat the effects of fire, floods, damages by torrential rain or other calamities. Remember to choose and apply for Home Insurance from aggregators like Bajaj Finserv to avail an array of benefits and competitive premium rates on your customised pre-approved insurance plans.

4. Incorporate space conservation designs

With cities getting over-populated, the size of living quarters is constantly reducing. Keep this in mind when designing your home and incorporate features such as multi-functional furniture, sliding doors, pocket doors and movable partitions. Consider having multi-purpose spaces in every room rather than dedicated rooms like dining room or living room. This could leave you with space for increased storage or a personalised room for your hobbies.

5. Create an outdoor space beyond the four walls

With your lifestyle becoming increasingly competitive and stressful, having a dedicated space to unwind is important. If you live in a space where it is possible for you to have an outdoor area like a gazebo or patio where you can enjoy greenery, incorporate it into your home design on expansion plans. If you live in an apartment, consider enlarging your balcony space or terrace into a balcony or roof garden with plants and water fountains that promote peace and serenity.

Employ these ideas to create your dream home in the most trending manner. Don’t forget to check out your pre-approved insurance policy from Bajaj Finserv, so you can protect the home that you have built with love and care to the best of your ability.

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