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5 Ways to Apply for a Personal Loan if You Receive your Salary in Cash

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  • Income proof proves your loan repayment ability

  • Furnish alternate income proof if you get salary in cash

  • Submit bank statements or a letter from your employer

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A personal loan is a versatile resource that you can use for any purpose, be it personal or professional. It is a collateral-free loan that a lender offers to you based on your credit history, income, and repayment ability. However, since it is unsecured, lenders require you to produce certain documents that showcase your creditworthiness and repayment ability.

One such important document for salaried borrowers is income proof, which is typically your salary slip. However, it is possible that your employer pays your salary in cash and doesn’t issue salary slips. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a personal loan. Many lenders have started offering a personal loan without a salary account to give you access to the required funding. Read on to know the 5 ways in which you can apply for a personal loan with a cash salary.

1. Submit Bank Statements

If your employer pays your salary in cash, you might deposit it in your personal savings account each month. Further, you will withdraw from the said account to meet regular expenses or use it to make online purchases. In the absence of income proof in the form of a salary slip, you can produce the statement of such a bank account. Typically, lenders request you to submit at least the last 3 months’ bank statements. A list of transaction dates and stable input and output of cash from this account will bode well for your application.

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2. Submit Income Tax Returns

In the absence of a salary slip, you can submit your income tax return to the lender as income proof. If you have been paying your taxes regularly, your IT return will support your application.

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3. Submit a Letter from Your Employer

Apart from the above, you can also request your employer to attest to the fact that they pay your salary. A statement on company letterhead, with the authorised signature of your employer, clearly stating your salary amount and the date at which you receive it every month will help you build your case.

4. Submit your Offer Letter or Salary Vouchers

You can also produce your offer letter as supporting income proof. However, an offer letter doesn’t suffice as it only states the salary on offer and does not establish that you have a regular source of income. So, in addition to this, produce salary vouchers to prove that you earn an adequate income with which you can repay the loan. Getting a voucher will not be a problem, because if your employer pays you in cash, they will request you to sign a voucher each month for internal records. Furnish copies of such vouchers to prove you have a stable job and income.

5. Avail a Loan Against Investments

If none of these options work for you, avail a personal loan by pledging investments such as gold, fixed deposits, mutual funds, and other securities as collateral. Lenders accept them as security and offer a sanction based on the loan to value ratio.

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Lastly, maintain a good credit score to avail a personal loan on cash salary at competitive interest rates. To get a personal loan basis simple eligibility criteria and minimal documentation, apply with leading institutions like Bajaj Finserv. Here, you can access a sanction of up to Rs.25 lakh at nominal interest rates in just 24 hours!

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The content of this document is meant merely for information purposes. The personal loan features mentioned in this article are subject to updation, completion, revision, verification and the same may change materially based on policy revisions. For more details, please visit our Personal Loan terms and conditions page here.

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