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Job titles of accountants in modern day business

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The primary task of accountants is to record and examine financial records. They might work for a government organisation, an MNC or a local firm. Evolution of technology has affected the accountant profession and generated new job avenues. Read along, for a brief list of the most popular accounting job titles -

1. Bookkeeping Clerk

They prepare and maintain financial records of the company, along with providing financial and administrative support to the company. An associate’s degree in business or accounting is suitable for the job role.

2. Accountant

A practitioner of accounting. He prepares, analyses and maintains financial records. Job role includes preparing asset, liabilities and capital account entries. Certified chartered accountants or M. Com graduates are well suited for the role.

3. Financial analyst

Analyse businesses and processes, to evaluate their financial feasibility. An MBA degree can make you a desirable candidate for the position.

4. Business analyst

They analyse the company’s business domain. And records its businesses, processes and services check the business model employed. Business analysts need to complete specific certifications and courses to be eligible for the role.

5. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

They oversee financial reports, budgets, bookkeeping, tax returns and government audit reports. Aspiring CPAs need to complete relevant CPA courses to gain necessary qualifications.

6. Controller

He handles high level accounting, reporting directly to the CFO. Job roles include preparing budgets, financial reports and tax filing.

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7. Accounting Consultants

They maintain and check records of accounting transactions. The job role also involves financial forecasting and reviewing bookkeeper’s task. Accounting Consultants also need a CPA certification to match the job requirements.

8. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

He handles administrative, financial and risk management activities. CFOs have 10+ years of experience backed by a master’s degree in finance, business or accounting.

9. Strategic Planner

He frames the business strategy by evaluating the company’s profile. An ideal candidate would be a MSc/MA/MBA degree holder.

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