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How to Run a Successful SEM Campaign

  • Highlights

  • Digital marketing is emerging as a mode of business expansion

  • Brands are increasingly adopting digital marketing techniques

  • Search is the biggest component of the digital advertising market

  • Various components of a successful SME campaign

Businesses need to focus on digital marketing to expand their business. Internet engagement is deep and wide, and it is important to make the most of it, for the growth of your business.

The International Council for Research in International Economic Relations (ICRIER) and Broadband India Forum published a study. It is titled ‘Estimating the Value of New Generation Internet based Application Services in India’.

According to the study, a 17% increase in the total internet traffic in India in 2015-16 contributed Rs. 7 lakh crore to the GDP.  A 10% increase in total internet traffic led to an increase in India’s GDP by 3.3% as against the global average of 1.3%. The study shows how vital the internet platform is for the economy.

Scope of SEM Campaign

Digital marketing agency Social Beat published a study titled 'In the Digital Marketing Industry Report 2016'. As per the study 87% of the brands use digital marketing techniques. About 10% of the surveyed brands spend more than Rs. 1 crore annually on digital marketing. Around 50% spend more than Rs. 6 lakh annually.
However, maintaining the funds for long-term SEM campaigns is not easy. Consider a business loan to boost your working capital and keep funds at the ready for such campaigns.

Search Is the King - Reports

Search is the biggest component of the digital advertising market, having a share of 46%. As per ironpaper.com, global search advertising market volume is expected to reach a total market size of USD 142.5 billion in 2021. In 2016 it was pegged at USD 90.7 in 2016.

Let’s Explore How to Run A Successful SEM Campaign

Keyword Mapping

There are millions of words on the net. You should use Keyword Analytics to choose the right keyword. Your main focus should be competitive density, competitor and domain research. Highly popular keyword would have severe competition.

Some of the high cost per click (CPC) keywords in 2016 were insurance (Rs. 3619), loans (Rs. 2966) etc.

For example, if you use ‘loans’ as your keyword, and expect 10000 people to click on it in a month, you should be prepared with a budget of around Rs. 3 crore for your search ad campaign.

Adopt a fine balance of relevant keywords- high CPC, medium CPC and long tail keywords. Long tail keywords have low volumes but capture the exact niche and increase your convertibility.

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5 tips to grow your e-commerce business

The e-commerce landscape is a highly competitive one. Every few months, we see a number of small e-commerce businesses shoot up, and then die down just as quickly. More often than not, this is due to a lack of adequate planning on the business owner’s part. In order to build a successful e-commerce business, you need to follow these 5 tips, that will guide you on the essential activities that you need to cover.


Tracking helps to improve your search ad campaign. You can experiment with broad, phrase and exact match to see which keyword gets you more clicks. Use negative keyword functions to make sure that you pay only when the target segment clicks on the keywords. Organising keywords in ad groups will ease the tracking of their performance.

Ad copies

Choose ad copies which are informative, engaging, having a clear call to action. You can always revisit and improve your copies. For e.g.

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Landing Page

If you are getting good number of clicks, but are not being able to convert them once the reader lands on your webpage, then revisit your landing page for:
- Positioning of CTA
- Content
- Outlook of the webpage
- Navigation

Whether it is lead generation, awareness or customer engagement, these tips will help your SEM campaign run successfully.

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