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How To Plan a Green Sanctuary For a Home Of Every Size

  • Highlights

  • Create a plan for a garden based on the available space

  • Buy seeds, pesticides, & garden essentials to suit the plan

  • Pay special attention to maintenance of the garden

  • Add furniture around the greenery to enjoy it

Research has proven that introducing the colour green into your surroundings increases blood histamine levels, which in turn relaxes themuscles. Green is calming, stress-relieving, and eveninvigorating. So, to welcome more peace in your life, it is extremely important to bring some greenery into your home.

While building a green area either indoors or outdoors can be an investment, planning it before starting and organizing your finances can be helpful. To make it easy on the pocket, use funds from a top-up loan on your home loan.

Take a look at the various ways in which you can plan a green sanctuary for your home.

Making the right choice

Based on the size and available space, you can plan on growing your very own garden in your terrace, backyard, or balcony. You can opt for a vegetable garden, herb garden, or flower beds. If you encounter space constraints, you can opt for a vertical garden too. They look beautiful on a balcony, backyard walls, or even by the side of a pool.The cost for a gardenvaries according to the plants you use, the manure, soil, and landscaping required. On an average, you can expect to spend Rs.40 toRs.1000per square feet.

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Getting the right equipment

To start gardening, you will need plants or seeds, nutrient-rich soil, protective nettingtosafeguard and give plants a structure, plant watering equipment, and general tools and accessories liketillers, gloves, and spades.Buy these at a plant nursery near you or online. The cost of procuring this equipment greatly varies according to the size of the plot you are building a garden on, but for a medium size indoor garden set-up, you’ll be spending around Rs.10,000.

Keeping pests at bay and protecting your green space

Fungus and pests can wreak havoc on your garden and plants. Some common garden pests are beetles, budworms and slugs. Many growth prompter and plant protector medications are widely availablethatcan help protect your greenery, so ensure you invest in them.

Planning your water supply carefully

Plan the water supply for the garden according to the size and its position in the house. If it’s a small patch, then you can stick to a watering can or invest in an automatic plant watering dripper. However, if you have a backyard garden, then investing in a plant watering system is a must. You can opt for sprinklers or go fordrip irrigation kits.A sprinkler will cost you around Rs.1,100, while a drip irrigation kitcosts around Rs.1,800.

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When Should You Go For a Top-Up Loan

Creating space for you and your family to enjoy your green sanctuary

Now that you have built a beautiful home garden, create a space where you and your family can enjoy the greenery. For example, buy comfortable garden furniture. You can set up a picnic tablefor four or a patio dining set which includes a center table, a sofa for two and two armchairs. For a smaller space like a balcony garden, you can get a round outdoor table and two matching chairs. You can even choose to add a three-seater swing with canopy or a hammock to complete the look. A budget of Rs.30,000 to Rs.50,000 can help you set you a comfortable spot where you can enjoy your green sanctuary.
Armed with this information, you can build a green haven to bring in more peace and tranquility to your home and into your life.

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