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3 useful tips to help you manage your irrigation business

  • Highlights

  • Reduce manual errors by automating operations

  • Include software and modern machinery to leverage growth

  • Gather real-time data to scout for diversification potential

  • Use a Machinery Loan to buy equipment that will improve efficiency

With the introduction of MSP and other policies that favour farmers, India is expected to double its farm income by 2022. In such a scenario, the scope for your irrigation business is high, and you can add to your profits by adopting a series of changes. To this effect, you will have to employ the latest machinery, hire professional help, and build your expertise. Take a look at a few tips that will help you get started and manage your irrigation business smartly to yield higher income.

1. Introduce smart and efficient software

Give manual scheduling a break and switch to efficient field service software to fuel growth. Such software brings allows you to collate your fieldwork, scheduling, and customer information in one place. This means that you can schedule a week’s work for your workforce in advance, and ensure a smooth flow of operations. Simply switching to this software will allow you to save both time and energy for your team, as well as stay up to date with their progress. They can report their performance everyday via the software and directly reach their assigned location of work.

Also, the scheduler will help you designate work to your team based on the field closest to their home. This will help cut down on time spent travelling, increase productivity, and fuel the best use of your manpower. Apart from the scheduling software you should also incorporate billing software to mechanise and automate your business from start to finish. This will remove manual errors from the process and allow you more time for core business processes and customer service.

2. Plan your strategy and machinery based on weather reports

Irrigation is a seasonal business and based on your customer’s field conditions and crops, you will have to regulate the water supply at your end with the help of machinery. For example, some crops need additional water supply even in the monsoon, and so, you will have to tailor your services to match the crop’s specific irrigation needs. To do this successfully, and for all your clients, you will have to take into account weather forecasts and use the right equipment for the job accordingly. Whether it is acquiring accurate weather software, accessing government reports or funding expensive equipment and hiring professionals to share the workload, you will need a substantial amount of funds.

5 finance solutions to grow your business

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3. Use data to your advantage

You must regularly spend time on making your services better. Being in the irrigation business, you should understand the nuances of farming, soil and manure, crop growth, and of course, the weather. Simply gathering this data isn’t enough, but knowing what to do in each circumstance will make you an expert. As a result, customers are more likely to come to you for advice and your services, making you an indispensable part of their operation framework. In addition, studying these aspects will help you in the future in case you decide to expand your business to include manure, for instance.

Armed with these tips, focus on managing your irrigation business and take it from strength to strength.

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