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25 May 2021

As a bakery owner, creating awareness about your business through advertisements is important. However, it would help if you concentrate on boosting your sales in other ways too. This way, you can be sure that you’re doing all you can to nurture growth and achieve good results in a short period. Take a look at 5 effective strategies you can adopt to grow sales at your bakery.

1. Include nutrition information on the menu

With the growing number of health-conscious Indians, you can make your bakery more attractive by offering the nutrition information on your menu. Include details like how many calories a cupcake has and go a step further to specify if it is gluten-free. You can also ensure that you have products for every kind of diet by including vegan, gluten-free, and keto products on your menu.

2. Keep your best products available in different servings

When it comes to baked treats, a customer may not always want a regular-sized croissant, a huge loaf of bread or a large serving of fudge. So, have a variety of serving quantities for your customers to choose from. This ensures they avoid placing an order because the portion is too large or too small.

3. Start offering samples of new products

Are you launching a new product? Maybe a pumpkin pie for Halloween? One of the best ways to get people excited and gather crowds is by launching baked goods for a limited period. One way in which you can promote sales is by offering samples of these new products. This can grab the attention of customers who have entered for a cup of coffee or strangers merely crossing your bakery.

4. Cater special events to advertise for your business

Food is something people are genuinely passionate about, and the best way to get the word out is by catering. Be open to catering parties, religious celebrations and get-togethers. This is the best way to introduce your products to a new set of people who may hire you for their gatherings or visit your store. It’s the best way for people to taste your products and for you to get paid for them at the same time.

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5. Display your products online

While you can increase your visibility by getting your bakery listed on food apps, you should also build your presence as a brand by setting up your website. Hire a professional to develop your website and ensure that it is user-friendly and elegant. As presentation is everything in the food industry, you can arrange for a professional shoot for all your products, thus increasing their visual appeal. Then, in your next phase of growth, consider accepting online orders and building your delivery mechanism. This way, you can create your channel for your bakes and save on the commission you pay to the food app or share your profits with them.

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