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How to get the best CA loan interest rate

  • Highlights

  • A healthy credit score can get you a lower interest

  • A loan customized for CAs can be a better deal

  • Comparing lenders online helps you get the best loan

For practicing CAs, raising finance is now a simple affair. Thanks to a loan for chartered accountants, you can raise money to expand your office or to meet your personal needs. A suit of three loans gives you access to personal loans, business loans and loans against property and help cater to all your needs. But, before you apply for one, ensure that you follow these steps to secure the best interest rate in the market. The lower the interest rate, the more affordable the loan will be for you.

1. Improve your credit score:

Loan applications are primarily rejected due to a poor credit score. It is also the reason why many borrowers are at the receiving end of high interest rates. You can improve your credit score by paying off your debts in a timely manner, paying your credit card bills on a regular basis and avoiding multiple debts/ credit purchases. These measures can help improve your credit score and get you a faster loan approval.

2. Opt for a customised loan:

Conventional loans are not best suited for the specific needs of CAs as compared to a customised loan for chartered accountants. Opting for a general loan may not give you the best interest rate and features. You also may end up submitting a lot of unnecessary documents while application. As lenders recognize the merits of your profession and credentials they offer CA loans offer various benefits like Flexi loan facility, flexible tenor and attractive interest rates that perfectly meet the pace and needs of a CA.
Bajaj Finserv offers an exclusive suite of loans to chartered accountant including personal loans, business loans and loans against property.

3. Compare lender rates online:

Before committing to a loan, it is important that you study the various lenders and the interest rates and features offered by them. This will help you choose the most economical option.
Bajaj Finserv offers easy, quick and hassle-free loans, customised to your profession, at nominal interest rates, fees and charges.

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