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How to Choose the Ideal Fixtures for Home Under Rs.25 Lakh

  • Highlights

  • Plan, measure and buy appropriate fixtures for your home

  • Consider quality & appearance when buying fixtures

  • Invest in modular fittings & change flooring to add value

  • Switch to recessed lighting to give a modern look

Redesigning your home will help you give it a new look and also pay attention to its up-keep. When you do decide to renovate or remodel your home, finding the right fixtures is crucial, as this ensures that your entire home not only looks great, but has high functionality too. You can do all this and more without exceeding a budget of Rs.25 lakh, which you can avail using a Top Up Loan on your home loan.
Before you delve into picking the right fixtures, take a look at a few tips that will help you carry out this remodel effectively.

1. Plan the placement

Before proceeding with the changes and alterations, carefully consider the look that you are going for and how you will achieve it. Evaluate each room and make a note of the things that you would like to change in line with the broader theme.

2. Take accurate measurements

Taking accurate measurements will ensure that you are purchasing fixtures of the ideal size, according to the available space. This will help you pick the right products, avoid wasting money, and rid you of the hassle of returning products or exchanging them.

3. Choose the right quality

The quality of the fixtures determines their longevity. Buying low-grade fixtures may be cheaper, but you will have to replace them often. This will lead to extra expenditure in the future. So, it is wiser to assess the quality of your fixtures and make a one-time investment in high-quality ones when carrying out this remodel.

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4. Visualise the décor and theme

While selecting fixtures it is important to keep the existing décor and theme of your house in mind. This will ensure that the new fixtures complement and blend in with the existing décor. Also choosing fixtures smartly will help you further enhance the appearance of your home.
Next, take a look at the fixtures that you can include your home when you’re carrying out a remodel. Depending on your budget, you can focus on just a few rooms.
- Kitchen: Modular cupboards allow you to access anything in your kitchen without having to rummage through drawers and cabinets. Because they stack items, they also help save space. You can plan a modular kitchen for around Rs.6 lakh.

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- Bedroom: You can choose new tiles for your bedroom, change the windows to floor-length French windows with sliding doors, and add a sleek closet to reinvent the existing space for around Rs.8 lakh.
- Living room or lounge: Alter the setting of the living room by changing the flooring. Also, in case your living room has an attached balcony, you can break the wall in between and open up the entire space. This way you can create a roomier living space, and even add a small terrace garden. This will cost you around Rs.3–5 lakh. You can also opt for a false ceiling with recessed lighting, where each light will cost you around Rs.3,000.

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- Children’s room: Incorporating a built-in wardrobe will give your child more space to play. To add to the décor, you can consider painting the wall with their favourite characters, animals or sports. You can also lay down carpeting in line with the theme of the rest of the room. The entire remodel will cost you around Rs.7 lakh.
- Bathroom: While a bathtub will make this space more luxurious, wall cabinets will enhance storage space. You can also invest in other modern fixtures such as musical showers, exhaust fans, geysers, etc. to make your bath experience more comfortable and relaxing. This remodel will cost you upwards of Rs.5 lakh.

With these suggestions, you can renovate your home with the best fixtures without depleting your savings. Simply plan in advance and make the best use of resources such as a handy top-up loan.

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