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5 ways to boost your optical business’ sales

  • Highlights

  • Offer a collection of frames for every taste and budget

  • Have a variety of lens options to suit varied needs

  • Focus on window display, mirrors and lighting to create a pleasing shopping space

  • Use a Business Loan to invest in revamps that will grow sales

Focusing on growing your optical business to turn it into a brand that people trust implicitly is important to boost clientele and sales. While advertisements and promotions can help you attract potential customers, you can take a few measures to increase your sales and your profit margins. For instance, ensure that you offer services like home delivery. This way, clients who don’t stay in the same area won’t hesitate to shop from you. Also, ensure that you accept payment by credit and debit cards to make it more appealing to customers. Most importantly, think about adding a section wherein the customers can have their vision checked and glasses centred. This will go a long way in offering customer satisfaction and increasing your sales.

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In addition to these suggestions, take a look at the basic aspects that you must excel at.

1. Offer a wide selection of frames

The one thing that can set you apart from other optical businesses is offering an exhaustive variety of frames. Stock various styles, sizes and brands, as well as specialty glasses for the elderly and athletes. You can stock designer frames, basic ones, as well as colourful ones for children. Consider trends and ensure that you have something for every price range and also for every taste. This way you can cater to everyone’s preferences with equal ease.

Think of a family that comes to buy frames for their daughter. Is the rest of your collection attractive enough to urge the parents to make a purchase as well? Stocking a vast range of frames will help you cross-sell effectively.

2. Specialise in various lens

In today’s day and age, customers need glasses that can help them see better depending on whether they have bi-focal vision, astigmatism or other varieties of vision complications. Additionally, they also require glasses that can enhance their quality of life. For example, professionals who work behind a computer screen all day prefer lenses with blue light filters to help them protect their eyes. You can also suggest these lenses based on the profession and lifestyle of your customers. For example, for someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, you can suggest anti-glare glasses, and for active children, suggest lightweight, scratch-resistant frames. Build your catalogue keeping price and features in mind. This alone will help you elevate the customer’s experience and create another way to generate revenue too, as lenses and protective coatings come at an extra charge.

3. Focus on the window display

You may have the best collection of frames and eye solutions in town; however, a customer is not going to know that until they have walked in and carefully looked at your entire collection of frames. So, instead of waiting for potential customers to stumble upon your great stock, utilise window displays smartly. Set up your window display attractively, display offers prominently, and if possible, opt for glass doors. This will make your store open and inviting, and also register in the minds of customers passing by, who may recommend you to a friend or visit you at a later date.

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4. Have the right lighting and mirrors

You don’t want your customers to come back, wanting to return glasses after the lens has been cut and fit into the frame as per their exact specifications. So, make it a point to install ample lighting and mirrors. This will allow the customers to look at every minute detail whether it is a tortoiseshell print or a coloured stem. Also, offer to take photographs so that your customers can examine the picture by putting on their own glasses. Don’t rush the process, as this will only cost you in the future.

With these pointers in mind, make the most of the pre-approved amount that you qualify for and improve your optical business’ sales. Pre-approved offers are not only hassle-free for you, with a 1-step verification, but also get you finances instantly to boost your business without delay.

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