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How to Apply for a Chartered Accountant Loan

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A CA loan is a great financing option that provides you with funds to tackle a range of professional and personal needs. It covers a suite of three loans, namely a personal loan, business loan and a loan against property. Understanding how to apply for this loan is important, so that you can speed up your application and eliminate chances of rejection.

Here are the steps that you should follow.

Step 1: Check if you qualify for a loan for chartered accountants:

Before you apply, it is important to the select the right loan from the suite of three and view the eligibility criteria. This will help you understand whether you’re a good fit for the loan or not. If you apply without knowing this, it can lead to you wasting a significant amount of time. Since CA loans are customised for you, all you will need is a certificate of practice (CoP) of at least 4 years along with a property in your or your parents’ name.

Step 2: Fill in an online loan application form:

Online application saves a lot of time that you would otherwise spend in travelling to the branch. So, this method is ideal for when you are busy and need funds as soon as possible. Start the online application procedure by correctly filling up the form and then submitting your documents. Then, await approval and disbursal of funds. Raise funds for a variety of needs instantly by applying for a Loan for Chartered Accountants from Bajaj Finserv as the disbursal for unsecured loans happen within 24 hours and for secured loans, the approval takes place in 24 hours. These loans also have easy online application, simply eligibility and minimal documentation requirements.

Mistakes to avoid when availing a CA Loan

Avoid these mistakes when applying for a Loan for Chartered Accountants to get easy approvals and enjoy a hassle-free application experience.

Mistakes to avoid when availing a CA Loan

Step 3: Collect all the necessary documents:

Your application requires you to submit certain documents like KYC documents, certificate of practice, address proof, identity proof and financial documents. Your lender needs these documents as a means to verify your identity and ability to repay the loan. Make a list of the documents that you need to submit and organise them. This will help you save time when you have to complete this step.

If you opt for a Bajaj Finserv Loan for Chartered Accountants, you can easily hand over your documents to a representative who comes at your location to collect the documents.

6 Mistakes to avoid when availing a business loan for CA

Following these steps can help you submit your application quickly and without error. In turn, you will receive funds faster. But, before you apply for a loan, ensure that it meets your requirements and fulfils your financial needs affordably.

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