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25 May 2021

Access to a large corpus of funds can boost the possibility of you buying a new office space or financing your child’s overseas education. A loan against property is one way that you can get the money you need. This secured loan gives you ample funds at a nominal interest when you pledge a property. For example, the Bajaj Finserv Loan Against Property gives you an amount up to Rs. 10.50 crore* based on the property's value, residential or commercial, that you pledge. To make your loan experience more comfortable and your application process more streamlined, look at how a loan against property is processed.

1. Start by filling out the application form

To begin the application process, you will need to fill out a form with your details and information about your current employment and the property you are pledging as collateral. Make sure to fill in these details correctly, as they will be verified in the next step. Most lenders today, like Bajaj Finserv, allow you to fill in an online application form for added convenience.

2. Confirm your details

Post filling out the application form, a representative will contact you to verify your financial and property details. Your credit score will be checked in this step.

3. Submit the necessary documents

In this step, you will need to submit documents that verify the information and your eligibility for the loan against property. Common documents include your identity proof, address proof, income proof, and property papers to validate your application. You might be asked to submit additional documents based on your lender. Some lenders like Bajaj Finserv offers you doorstep service, where a representative will collect all the relevant documents from your home.

4. Await the verification of the documents

Once you have submitted all the requested documents, your lender will verify them. This includes verifying your personal, income, employment, and property details with respect to the application form and your document docket. Some lenders may request a face-to-face verification or send someone to your home or office to ensure authenticity.

5. Get the sanction letter from the lender

After successful completion of the validation process, your lender will make you an offer for a loan against your pledged property. This means that your lender has confirmed the authenticity of the documents you have submitted and considers you creditworthy. You can also view the loan terms at this stage.

6. Await the property evaluation and legal check

When you accept the offer, your lender will start the second phase of verification. In this stage, the lender systematically evaluates your property and the related papers through legal and on-ground channels. This will be done to ensure that the property has the required value and is not under any legal dispute.

7. Get the funds into your account

Once the entire verification process is wrapped up, your lender will proceed with the final disbursal. Lenders like Bajaj Finserv take only up to 72* hours to complete these processes and disburse the funds directly into your bank account. You will also receive your online access to the account at this stage and can manage your money online with ease.

Keep this mortgage loan process in mind while you consider applying for a loan against property. Choose a lender who offers you the needed funds at a competitive interest and complete the process within a timeline to suit urgent needs.

Certificates Required For Property


Certificate Type


Encumbrance Certificate


Occupancy Certificate


Possession Certificate


Non-Encumbrance Certificate


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