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How can Chartered Accountants increase their CIBIL score: 6 easy tips

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  • Avoid over borrowing

  • Repay existing debts on time

  • Check your credit card usage

  • Build credit history

A good CIBIL score improves your prospects of getting a loan sanctioned, can result in you being offered a higher loan amount, and can also lead to you being charged a more nominal rate of interest. It can also help reduce the processing time of your loan application, especially for unsecured loans like personal or business loans. Since your CIBIL score reveals your creditworthiness, it impacts the lender’s trust in your repayment abilities. So, if you have a low credit score, consider ways of improving and increasing it.

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Here are the ways in which you can increase your CIBIL score.

1. Borrow more only after you repay

Borrowing excessively within a short span of time causes your credit score to fall. So, steer clear of over-borrowing. Prioritise your needs and only borrow loans that are affordable for you. One convenient yet affordable option is applying for a loan customised for you—a chartered accountant loan from Bajaj Finserv. This loan is credited to your account within 24 hours and offers up to Rs. 32 lakh at nominal interest. If you find that your needs for finances are unpredictable, say for your practice’s working capital or for your child’s education, opt for a Flexi Loan facility rather than a term loan. This will make timely repayment easier for you and impact your credit score positively.

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2. Repay your debts on time

Your credit score is largely impacted by unpaid debts. So, if you have any existing debts make sure you repay them on time. Making part prepayments on your loan also impacts your credit score positively. So, if you have excess funds, ensure you do this. If you find that you have various debts with different repayment schedules, consider taking a personal loan for debt consolidation. This will help you repay all your debts easily and boost your credit score. You can consolidate all your existing debt with a Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan for CAs and better manage your finances. These loans being disbursed in 24 hours with doorstep document pickup make it a convenient source of financing for you.

3. Use credit cards with care

If you find yourself being unable to pay off your credit card dues, limit their usage. Conversely, if you find that you have been using your credit card over the limit, remember that this lowers your credit score. So, get your credit card issuer to increase the limit. It is fine to use credit cards as long as you are able to pay them off in time. Do think about your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) when it comes to usage of credit cards. A low DTI will increase CIBIL score fast while a high DTI will lower it.

How can Chartered Accountants increase their CIBIL score

Personal Loan for CAs: 1 Loan, many uses

CAs can use a Personal Loan for Chartered Accountants for a host of benefits.

- From funding important life events like a wedding or any other family function, to sending your child(ren) abroad for further studies or meeting sudden expenses arising out of emergency situations.
- You could also meet your home renovation or your international travel or family vacation costs with this personal loan.
- You can also be smart with your funds by combining all your debts into one single manageable and an easy loan.
- Not just this, your other miscellaneous expenses can also be covered with this multi-purpose loan, as there are no end-restrictions on its usage.

What makes these loans score over a regular personal loan is the feature that they take into consideration your professional degree and experience and hence offer quick approvals and money in bank in 24 hours!

4. Build credit history

No credit history can also lead to a low score. So, if you want to build one, consider taking an affordable personal loan for CAs and repay it on time. This will boost your credit score.

5. Don’t make loan enquiries without reason

Making too many loan enquiries leads to a drop in your credit score. Rather than making enquiries, it is better for you to view loan details online and compare the various offers and schemes. Match the eligibility criteria, check the interest rate, and only then apply for your chosen loan.

6. Be careful about signing up as a co-applicant

While you may be approached to sign on as a co-applicant for a loan, be careful about this. Any delay or default in repayment from your co-applicant marks your credit score down too. Implement these practices, and you will witness an improvement in your credit score within a period of six months to a year.

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