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25 May 2021

E-waybill, short for ‘electronic waybill’, is a document used by the Government to monitor the movement of goods.

E-waybill supersedes the previous state-specific waybills, and under GST, E-waybill follows a standard set of rules throughout the nation. According to the current GST rules, you need to generate an E-waybill online for intra- and inter-state consignment of goods if the value of the shipment exceeds Rs. 50,000.

The electronic bill was introduced to check tax evasion, effectively track goods, and boost the industry.

Read on to know more about E-waybills, how to log in and register for them, and how to generate E-waybills.

What is an E-waybill?

A GST E-waybill is generated online via the government portal whenever you want to transport goods valued at more than Rs. 50,000 in a vehicle. Upon generating an E-waybill, a unique E-waybill number or EBN is accessible to the transporter, recipient, and supplier through a common portal. Implementation of the E-waybill system of monitoring the transport of goods started on 1 April 2018.

What are the benefits of an E-waybill?

The E-waybill system provides the industry with a range of benefits, some of which are:

  • Faster and more seamless movement of goods, both intra- and inter-state
  • Quicker turnaround times, owing to the abolition of check posts
  • Improved country-wide logistics network and hence, less traffic congestion on major routes
  • Convenient billing system, as bills can be generated online
  • Better tax compliance, since the system is online

When is an E-waybill required and when it isn’t

An E-waybill is to be generated:

  • When a registered person or transporter undertakes the transportation of goods worth more than Rs. 50,000
  • For inter-state transfer of goods, even if they are worth less than Rs. 50,000, for job work
  • For inter-state consignments of goods involving a GST-exempted dealer

An E-waybill is not required:

  • When goods are transported on a non-motor vehicle
  • When tax-exempt goods, barring de-oiled cake, are being transported
  • For consignments under Customs supervision

How to register on the E-waybill portal

To generate an E-waybill, you must first log in to the E-waybill portal, meaning that you must first register online.

To register,

  • Visit the official portal and close the E-way login popup box if it appears
  • Hover over the ‘Registration’ tab, and click on ‘E-waybill registration’
  • Enter your GSTIN and the captcha code and hit ‘Go’
  • Check the auto-populated details and verify them via OTP
  • Create a new E-waybill login user ID and password

Unregistered transporters can use their transporter ID instead of a GST number.

How to generate an E-waybill?

You can generate an E-waybill on the online portal following these steps:

  • Visit the official website and click on the GST E-waybill login button
  • Enter your user ID and password to log in
  • Select ‘Generate New’ through the E-waybill tab
  • Fill details for transaction type, sub-type, document type, number, and date, from/ to, transporter details and item details
  • Click submit and print the bill containing the EBN

If you find the portal-based E-waybill system, login procedure and process time-consuming, then you can also generate bills via SMS in emergencies. While using this mode, you bypass the E-waybill login system, but you must still first register for this provision. Once you register for the SMS facility, you can generate/ cancel bills using the correct set of SMS codes.

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