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Grow Your Medical Practice with Lybrate

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Internet and technology is rapidly swaying the healthcare sector in India. Patients have increasingly developed a habit of checking their symptoms on internet and is actively involved in medication through the use of technology. Arrival of smartphones and mobile apps have reinforced such practices.
This evolution has transformed the traditional healthcare mechanism, where patients don’t want to go to clinics and hospitals for routine check-ups and minor illnesses. It has also meant that doctors are adopting virtual practice methods which is gaining grounds.
‘Lybrate’ is one such platform which uses technology to reshape the healthcare system. Here are the reasons to consolidate the fact that doctors must be present on virtual practice platforms like Lybrate.

1. Patients Beyond Borders

The key benefit of virtual practice software is that it makes you accessible to patients beyond the boundaries of cities, states or even countries. You can reach out to a pool of patients across the globe using smart practice techniques like Lybrate. You can also ensure your availability to your patients round the clock. Patients can post their health queries on Lybrate to seek answers from expert doctors like you or they can send you private text messages to query about routine issues.

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2. Effective Patient Care

Paperless medical records and patient management is another key benefit of using Lybrate. Practice management software helps you to save time with electronic patient records, digital prescriptions, automated appointment schedulers etc. Patients are also empowered to get authentic advice from their doctors along with tips and solutions as and when they require. You can also post health tips for your patients.

3. Build Trust & Reputation

A good reputation and trust among the patients is obligatory for a doctor. While you share your knowledge and experience with your patients on Lybrate, you build a relationship and trust with them. Patients may thank you in return for your valuable tips.

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4. Increase Your Revenue

You can increase your revenue by earning more through virtual clinic and reach to thousands of patients every day. Consult patients on Lybrate, fix you consultation fees and earn ethically through your medical practice. With robust online presence, you can generate a good revenue for your medical advice and consultation.
As a doctor, you can also share useful information and take the lead in clearing doubts about endemic diseases like

Ebola, swine flu, dengue etc.
You can also enhance your own knowledge by learning from pioneer doctors across the world through these virtual healthcare platforms. Whether its signing up for these virtual platforms which costs you a one-time fee and annual maintenance charges or deploying new technology and medical equipment for effective patient care, you need funding. Non-banking financial institutions provide doctor loans to meet such expenses and upgrade your practice to next level.

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