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As a doctor, maintaining a successful practice and keep yourself technically updated with all modern healthcare facilities is very important. Be it establishing a new medical facility or upgrading an existing one, the challenges that come with it are similar to the challenges faced by any business enterprise.

Setting up a new practice or a medical institution involves plenty of activities to be initiated from the beginning, while thinking about expansion of current premises can range from enhancing your medical facilities and upgrading the equipment to hiring more staff to handle increased footfalls. With a Business Loan for doctors you can take care of all your practice-related expenses.

Your patients can give you more insights about such advancements that is the need of the hour.

Expand Your Premises

With increasing number of patients and high-end medical facilities, its obligatory to expand your premises to a larger one equipped with all ultra-modern healthcare facilities. However, acquiring such a property at accessible location can cost you a fortune.

To nurture your ambitious projects and provide top-class facilities to your patients, you may need a steady source of finance.

Banks and Non-Banking financial institutions provide Doctor Loans to facilitate such needs and expand your medical clinic into a high-end multi-healthcare facility. You can also avail the loan in a flexi-format if you feel that your expansion expenses can’t be correctly anticipated from before. With this facility, you can borrow as and when there’s a need and prepay when you have surplus earnings.

Medical App Development

A cost of medical app development is one of the aspects that should be considered to enhance your medical practice. Technology and internet have transformed the healthcare structure of India. Doctors and patients are adopting virtual clinics for better reach and effective management.

Medical apps can automate the workflow that takes place in a medical clinic. Usual clinical works like medication tracking, appointment scheduling, patient and doctor communication can be easily carried out with the help of these medical apps. Such app development to initiate virtual clinics may cost you around ₹8-10 lakhs.

How doctors can take their practice to the next level

How to apply for a Business Loan for Doctors

With an easy 4-step online application process, availing a Business Loan for Doctors has never been simpler.

You simply need to fill in some basic details on the form, post which our representative gives you a call to confirm your offer and schedule a document pickup. Next, he arrives right to your doorstep at the scheduled time and collects the needed documents like your KYC documents and medical degree certificate. After the verification process is complete, the loan is disbursed to your account within 24 hours.

What makes a Business Loan for Doctors score over a regular business loan for your practice is that these take into consideration your medical degree and professional qualifications while processing the loan and hence offer you loans with minimal documentation and loan disbursal within 24 hours.

The money in bank in 24 hours feature thus, helps in taking care of any immediate practice need.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Acquiring new technology or upgrading your existing equipment is the need of the hour. Patients are increasingly looking for comfort of all the medical facilities under one umbrella. Whether it’s routine medical diagnosis or drug availability, patients will not have to move from chemists to diagnostic centers.

However, acquiring such equipment may involve a huge sum of money. A basic X-ray machine can cost you around 3 lakhs whereas high end machines like MRI machines can cost you as much as 75 lakhs. Doctor Loan can be a prudent solution to go for buying this equipment.

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