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Continuing medical education for healthcare professionals

  • Highlights

  • Constant learning is vital to keep up with advancements in medical domain

  • Online courses from institutions help to stay ahead of the curve

  • Continuing medical education (CME) gives credit hours by MCI

With continuous advancements being made every day in the medical domain, there is an increasing need for healthcare professionals to educate, adapt and update themselves to face new professional challenges. For instance, surgeries were done manually in the past and were later half-substituted with machines to make the job easier. Nowadays, robotics is completely automating surgeries. Keeping abreast of the latest technologies is the need of the hour to stay competitive.
Doctors could keep themselves up-to-date by implementing technology in their practice, exploring new avenues, learning, etc. Medical duties are not just daily tasks for doctors but are also their responsibility towards their patients. Such responsibilities keep doctors occupied and finding time to update themselves might be difficult.

The convenient & flexible way to learn:

1. E-learning

Usually, healthcare professionals are too occupied and hardly find time to spend on the education, so how can they invest time educating themselves? E-learning narrows this gap as doctors can learn new skills and terminologies without having to compromise on their work schedule. E-learning offers a plethora of courses on a wide gamut of topics at the click of a button.

It saves professionals time and cost, gives them access to information when and where they want, and lets them choose the pace at which they want to learn. As continuing medical education (CME) is a must these days rather than being a privilege, e-learning makes this convenient for professionals. With easy personal loans for doctors, finances wouldn’t be a challenge for you as you upgrade your knowledge and skills. These loans having a high loan amount of Rs.25 lakh, help you fulfill all your personal needs.

This article provides you insights on the courses, qualifications, and costs for continuing and higher medical education.

Who provides what?
1. Higher education: renowned institutions such as Medvarsity, IMA e-varsity provide a diversified education with a large array of online courses. The courses and organizations possess eminent accreditations. The online courses such as fellowships, postgraduate diplomas, and international certifications on various topics are available at Medvarsity and are all self-paced. Courses are also segregated as per designations at Medvarsity.Some listed courses include:
a. For doctors:
• Masterclass in lifestyle medicine
• Postgraduate diploma in infectious diseases
• International postgraduate pediatric certificate
• Business excellence for healthcare professionals
b. For nurses:
• Certificate course in medical tourism
• Masterclass in wellness coaching
• Fellowship in clinical cardiology
The mentioned courses are among the popular ones at the Medvarsity but are not limited to these.

2. Continuing medical education:

Each hour of CME is calculated as ‘credit hours’ by Medical Council of India. So, how do you acquire CME credit hours? The credit hours can be amassed by attending a professional meeting conducted by all recognized medical colleges, Indian Medical Association (IMA) or National Academy of Medical Sciences.
The so-called ‘credit hours’ are accredited by MCI and possess a great value in renewing the medical registration.

What are the required qualifications?

One important aspect of management is to provide education to qualified personnel. Therefore, a thorough verification of the qualifications is done before a healthcare professional is provided with the education. The educational qualifications vary among courses, whereas most of the courses require:
• Registration from Medical Council of India (MCI)
• Certificate of undergraduate program in nursing
• Basic qualifications required for the course

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How much does it cost?
The cost of the courses varies according to the higher education and is dependent on length, popularity, structure of the course. The price ranges from as low as 13,000 to 10,00,000 rupees. For expensive courses, organizations have a provision to pay the price in parts or installments.
Loans and repayment
All the needed courses might not be economical, simultaneously your career advancement is equally important. A Flexi Personal Loan for Doctors help you pursue your desired course, without straining your finances. With easy repayment options, reduced interests, and timely premiums, loans are the best go-to option for a CME.

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