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25 May 2021

Your CIBIL score allows lenders to gauge your creditworthiness as it is computed keeping your repayment behaviour, experience with credit, and credit utilisation ratio in mind. As such, it is an important consideration for lenders and issuers of credit cards and loans, be it unsecured loans like personal loans or secured loans like housing loans.

A good credit score lends credibility to your application as a borrower and allows you to access ample funding at a competitive rate of interest. So, knowing your score before applying for a personal loan is very important.

Here is how you can register with CIBIL to retrieve a CIBIL login ID and password in order to view your score and report.

CIBIL consumer login

CIBIL categorises consumers in two ways: individual and commercial. CIBIL login for commercial consumers is different, and corporates or companies can register for CIBIL under this segment. However, you need to follow the steps earmarked for CIBIL consumer login to register as an individual borrower. Once you register with CIBIL by paying a nominal fee, you can retrieve your free CIBIL score once a year. Knowing your score will allow you to apply for a loan like a personal loan more confidently.

Steps to follow to complete CIBIL consumer login

Step 1

Visit the official CIBIL website and head to the ‘Credit Score’ section or Log on to CIBIL portal. Select the subscription plan you want to purchase. If you are keen on knowing your credit score and report regularly, opt for a quarterly or bi-annual subscription. In case you are not interested in periodic reports, then opt for a one-time CIBIL subscription. You need to pay Rs. 550 for a one-time CIBIL check, and by paying Rs. 800, you will get two reports in a year. On the other hand, with Rs. 1,200, you can access 4 updated reports every year.

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Step 2

After choosing a subscription model, fill in your basic details in the form provided to create your account. Here you will have to enter your name, password of your choice, PAN number, email address, date of birth, and mobile number. Recheck the form before submission to avoid discrepancies. Further, accept the terms and conditions by clicking on a checkbox, then click ‘Accept and Continue.

Step 3

As a next step, you will first have to verify your account basis the link CIBIL sends to your email ID. This is basis the information you provided in the form earlier. On successful verification, your account will be created. Now, you can proceed to make a payment towards the purchase of your chosen subscription plan. Here select your mode of payment by choosing between net banking, cash cards and debit/credit cards.

Now that you know how to get CIBIL login ID and password, you can head to the my CIBIL section or CIBIL login page to begin. However, to get your report, you will need to complete your profile. You can do this by submitting 1 or 2 basic KYC documents on the CIBIL website. Select the identity proof and address proof you want to upload. Enter the details of the proof you are submitting and simply upload a JPEG or PDF of the proof. Then click ‘submit’ to complete your CIBIL login registration.

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With your CIBIL login details in hand, check back every once in a while to know your score. Maintain the score at 750 or above to increase your chances of getting a cost-effective sanction. Then, when you need funds, you can check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv and apply for a personal loan to get up to Rs. 40 lakh. You can apply for this loan with just a click and get a hassle-free sanction by submitting minimal paperwork.

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