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25 May 2021

Paying professional tax is easy once you get the hang of it, and you can complete the payment from the comfort of your office. But, before you begin, you need to ensure you have completed the registration formalities and have your registration number handy.

As professional tax is payable to the state, the online payment will vary from one state to another, depending on your state’s policy and website. However, it is safe to assume that the information you need to submit and the process will be similar. Read on to know about the process of paying for professional tax in Karnataka.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your professional tax payment.

  • Start by locating the official state website to pay professional tax. You can search online for the right website by entering ‘Professional tax e-payment’ followed by the name of your city
  • Visit the Karnataka Commercial Taxes Department website or click here
  • On the commercial taxes website, click on ‘KPT (Karnataka Professional Tax)’ in the left menu bar
  • Once the professional tax e-payment page opens, choose between self-employed professionals and registered employers. For this example, assume that you choose ‘registered employer.’
  • Then, enter your Professional Tax Registration Number, name of your company/firm, the specific office for which you are making a payment (in case of multiple offices)
  • Choose the period for which you want to pay tax, such as monthly, annually or as per the department’s demand
  • Specify the year and month for which you are paying tax
  • Enter the tax amount that you want to remit along with the penalty amount if any
  • Finally, provide details of the bank through which you intend to make the payment and enter your mobile number
  • Click on ‘Enter’, verify the details and click on ‘Submit.’
  • Then, once the subsequent screen loads, click on ‘Click here for payment.’
  • The login page for the bank that you have selected will open. Sign in and pay the professional tax
  • After payment, remember to save the payment challan for future references

Explained above is how you can make a professional tax payment online. However, you can also make the payment directly at the district sales tax office. You will need to fill the required form and make a cash payment.

Professional tax payment is essential, as non-compliance will attract penalties. Keep yourself secure by making timely payments.

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