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25 May 2021

Owning a digital business means striving to adapt to new technology and strategies. This will help you offer unique products and services to your consumer base. But, to do this, you must focus on innovation and leverage search marketing and other related digital marketing services. Here are some ways in which a digital business owner like you can find success.

1. Focus on sales with a robust social media marketing strategy

Sales drive the success of any business enterprise. After all, the value of your product is nothing if you can't sell it. So, deploy a strong digital strategy that focuses on sales. According to Forbes, friends' social media posts drive 81% of customers' purchase decisions. Another Hubspot report indicates that 71% of consumers are more likely to buy a product based on social media referrals. So, social media does the job of a salesman and has the potential to influence each of your customers.

You must have a digital sales team in place. Build a team of social media content creators, strategists, and designers, along with a well-thought-out marketing budget funded by a small business loan to push your products or services on digital platforms.

2. Know your target audience

For a digital business, identifying the target audience is the key to success since your entire communication is driven by the needs and habits of a particular demographic. Remember that while your message may be perfect, it must be relevant to your audience. After all, people are likely to buy products only if they feel it's relevant to them. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Who are the people who want to buy your product?
  • What is it that they want?
  • What do they care about?
  • How can your product make their lives easy or solve their problems?

Find the answers to these questions, and you'll have an excellent place to begin. Next, you can make a start by talking to people or doing market surveys. Know your audience's demands, aspirations, and expectations. Conducting these consumer studies will give you all this information that is otherwise inaccessible to you. This exercise is time-consuming and expensive, but it ensures that all your marketing and advertising efforts bear fruit.

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3. Communicate with your customers

It is crucial to find new and effective ways to communicate with your consumers with most businesses selling online. Most of the time, your audience may find the information provided on your website or social media pages insufficient or uninteresting. Hence, it would be best to always look at tapping new routes for effective, memorable communication. For example, if you find that your tweets are not getting you the engagement you predicted, you can develop a video strategy. You can curate and create video content that is engaging, informative and stays in the consumer's mind. This increases your brand's value and ensures that customers remember it amidst all the digital clutter.

4. Create consistency with 360° online presence

Since your consumers may find out about your business through different channels, you must maintain consistency in branding, tonality, and imagery. For example, consumers who see a Facebook post about your business should find some content uniformity when visiting your website. This helps build trust and ensures that your consumers think of your business as reliable. To further widen your net to reach your target audience, also make sure you are present on every channel that your audience is present on. This may mean that you have a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the market via Google AdWords, email and SEO, and SEM. Consider taking a business loan to fund these activities regularly.

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5. Hold boot camps to train your staff

In the digital business world, not only are there considerable leaps in technology and data analytics, but there are also specialised ways of communicating with your customers. This makes it imperative for your business to hold regular training sessions for everyone in the organisation, be it recruits or old-timers. These courses and workshops act as refreshers, help boost knowledge and align all your employees. This way, you can achieve a common business goal and ensure that your efforts are in the right direction. You can conduct these sessions in-house or as off-site. In addition, you can invite stalwarts from your industry and colleagues to pioneer new techniques and technology to give your employees a crash course. For example, if you want to experiment with virtual reality in the future, you can hold a session to explore the technology and see how players in your industry use it to get your staff excited and educated.

Implementing these strategies will help your digital business gain a prominent position in the market. It will also help you communicate clearly with the target audience and encourage brand loyalty.

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