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25 May 2021

The Indian dry fruit and nut industry is expected to witness a turnover of Rs. 30,000 crore by 2020 because of the increase in health awareness, better packaging, and the ease of availability. So, to emerge as a serious player in this fiercely competitive market, you will have to pay special attention to the quality of dry fruits and nuts you offer. To cater to the increase in demand and expectations, consider installing machines that improve efficiency and the quality of your final product.

To buy a high-end equipment that is capable of taking care of the sorting and cleaning process effectively, you need to invest a substantial amount. To do this, take a Bajaj Finserv Business Loan or a machinery loan of up to Rs. 55 lakh at a nominal rate of interest. You don’t have to pay collateral and you can choose a flexible tenor too. This allows you to improve productivity without worrying about depleting working capital.

If you’re starting with incorporating machinery into your framework, here are 5 essential equipment pieces that you should invest in:

1. Sorting machine

A sorting machine can remove discoloured produce, pit fragments, insect damage, foreign material, etc. from the nuts and fruit. With its technology, machine algorithms and information capabilities, it can deliver best quality apricots, raisins, cashews and other dry fruits.

2. Air cleaner

Separating traces of husk, stems or leaves from dry fruits and nuts is a tiring, time-consuming process when done manually. On the other hand, when you use an air cleaner, light weight particles are swept away and only the cleaned produce remains. Its diffuser system and separation chamber help make light work of this task.

3. Collection conveyors

These collection conveyors are used to collect produce and you can use them as to wash, dry, cool or spread nuts or fruits and prepare them for the next step in the manufacturing process. This machine helps increase the hygiene quotient of your product and also prevent bacterial growth. Therefore, you can be sure that you offer products of the highest quality.

4. Distribution and feed conveyors

A distribution conveyor transports produce downstream, using gates and diverters to direct produce in the right quantities and direction. This produce is then passed on to a feed conveyor that feeds the nuts and fruits into the next machine.These conveyor belts are expensive but important to carry out processing smoothly.

5. Grading, sizing and separating conveyors

One of the most important functions in your dry fruit processing cycle is grading, sizing and separating bulk quantities. This machine’s electromagnetic cover gently handles fragile products that need grading, sizing and separating. Screens of this conveyor are available in various styles to sort food per your various product SKUs.

It is easy to see how investing in equipment can help you double your output and capture a greater market share with high quality products. So, when you feel the need to scale up your facility, avail a machinery loan on a pre-approved basis and do so in a hassle-free way.

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