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25 May 2021

Just like every business owner, you too must always have your eyes trained on growing and expanding your architecture business. This will allow you to increase your market share and distinguish yourself from your competitors. While you already know that you need to attract new clients while retaining old ones to do this, it is essential that you approach growth with a plan in hand.

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Here are 4 steps that you can take to propel your architecture business towards growth.

1. Increase the size of your team

As a company vying growth, you are likely to take on bigger projects and cater to multiple clients at once to prove your mettle. But to consistently offer clients results that exceed their expectations, it is essential for you to aim for perfection too. So, hire more architects if your workforce has its hands full. You will also need to hire consultants that specialise in cost-estimation, fire-protection, plumbing, mechanical work, interior design, and others spheres who will add value to your offerings, allowing you to up-sell and cross-sell. This will also shows your clients that you are prioritising their needs and aren’t taking any shortcuts.

2. Choose efficient 3D modelling software

In order to function efficiently, you will need software that is built for bigger teams and can handle heavier workload. For instance, make the switch from using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to using Building Information Modelling (BIM) software like Revit. The latter allows multiple people to collaborate and work at the same time, while the former doesn’t.

3. Hire project managers

With a growing architecture firm, the time you have will be spliced between more and more projects. To ensure that you are proud to put your name on every project, and that you don’t cross deadlines or forget components, it is essential that you hire project managers. They will ensure that work on each project is moving as per the deadlines you have agreed upon, whether you are building an open-air bar for a top hotel or redesigning a 2BHK home. Hiring project managers will go a long way in ensuring that the quality of your work doesn’t drop.

4. Create an online presence

Keeping in mind that you do not want to limit your firm’s growth to your city or the country, establish a wider presence for your firm by creating an online presence. Start by building an impressive website with a solid portfolio, and also focus on social media. Work off of a strategy, whether you are using the platform to establish awareness, prove your expertise or both. You will be surprised how far this can go in attracting new clients both in India and overseas.

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