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3 Budget-Friendly Ways To Build Your Own Vertical Garden

  • Highlights

  • Build a garden at home to create an indoor green zone

  • Transform a wall in the living room into a vertical garden

  • Use creepers & steps to build a garden in the balcony

  • Set-up a vertical herbs garden in the kitchen window

Adding green spaces improves your home’s aesthetics while improving the quality and purity of the air you breathe. A home garden also creates a pleasant atmosphere and promotes wellness and comfort. However, smaller homes or apartments have space constraints that make creating a garden difficult. So, you can choose to build a vertical garden that allows you to have a bevy of plants at home without taking up too much space or exceeding the budget. You can use a top-up loan on your home loan to pay for all the expenses related to creating a vertical garden to make it easier on your pocket.

Here are 3 budget ways to introduce a vertical garden at home.

1. Create an accent wall indoors

To create a green accent wall, you will need wall hanging planters, pocket hanging plant bags or a custom-built frame. You can choose to set these up on the whole wall or use a portion of it. You can also arrange the pocket-hangers to display a desired design to add a more stylish too.
The price for wall hanging planters starts from Rs.5,480, while a pocket hanging plant can cost you Rs.6,540. Wall hanging metal frames can be purchased for Rs.4,776 onwards and come

with coir planters.The cost of a wooden hanging planter can start from Rs.7,000.
Wall hanging tray planters can cost youRs.1,1250 and can promote a polished look. Introduce a combination of plants like English Ivy, African violets and Dracaena reflexa for dynamic living wall. The cost for an English Ivy starts at Rs.399 while a hybrid African violet plant costs Rs.1,271. A Dracaena reflexa’s price starts from Rs.510.

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2. Incorporate a vertical garden in your balcony

The one thing that could be holding you back from using your balcony space for plants can be the insufficient floor space. With a vertical garden setting you can have the best of both worlds as these are space-saving.
Choose railing hanger planters to be able to have a vertical garden beyond your balcony space. These start at Rs.4,500. You can also use ceiling plant hangers to cover the higher part of your balcony, blocking out the extra sun. You can purchase the same for Rs.7,250 . Select a wall hanging metal planter to make the most of the walls of your balcony. The cost for these planters starts at Rs. 3,296.
You can also use stack planters,which can be bought at Rs.2,398. A 3-step planter stand’s price can start at Rs.2,800and is a good plan to save space while building on a cosy green corner. Purchase lemon grass at Rs.499 to avoid mosquitoes. Bonsai plants and creepersadd to the aesthetics andwill cost Rs.1,299onwards. Boston ferns can cost you Rs.295, while a peace lily will cost youRs.379.

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3. Equip your kitchen with a vertical garden of herbs

The joy of using fresh herbs is a delight if you or someone in your family enjoys cooking. You can decorate your kitchen with a vertical garden of herbs for fresh flavours in each dish. You can start by transforming a kitchen wall, slab or the kitchen window into a garden. Use iron railing holders with bamboo pots to construct a green space. The price for these starts at Rs.2,198. Using just a bamboo planter will cost you approximately Rs.3,000. Additionally, the cost for buying a pack of 5 seeds of herbs can start at Rs.100 and go up to Rs.300.
Finding the right plants to suit these vertical garden ideas is key to having a perfect vertical garden at home. So, choose wisely and introduce plants that are high on utility and beauty!

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