How to Use FD Calculator?

A Fixed Deposit Calculator is a free online tool to calculate the potential returns of a fixed deposit . You can calculate the maturity amount of a Fixed Deposit by entering a few basic details. Remember, the maturity amount varies with the type of customer, type of deposit, tenure, and the amount of deposit.

Here are the steps to use the FD Calculator:

  • Visit a reliable online FD Calculator tool, like one offered by Bajaj Finance
  • Choose your customer type, if you are new customer, existing loan customer, or a senior citizen (All three are offered different interest rates)
  • Choose the deposit option: Cumulative or Non-Cumulative
  • Enter a deposit amount you would like to invest
  • Choose the fixed deposit tenure as per your convenience, which can range from 12 and 60 months

You will automatically see the maturity amount and total interest earned on your fixed deposit. You can try different combinations of tenure and deposit amount to see how the maturity amount and interest earned changes

Interested in investing in Bajaj Finance FD? Check How to Open FD Account Online or directly contact Bajaj Finance Customer Care for any query.