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How to Choose Best Fixed Deposit Plan

How to Choose Best Fixed Deposit Plan?

Pick the best Fixed Deposit plan by considering the following:

Interest Rate: Compare FD Interest Rates for different types of FDs offered by different institutions.
Credibility: Opt for only 'A' rated deposit schemes, with credible ratings from reputable organizations like ICRA or CRISIL.
Deposit tenor: Longer duration deposits usually offer higher interest rates. Check the lock-in period of the FD.
Interest calculation and payouts: Check frequency of interest payouts, whether it is monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually.

You can reinvest the earned interest to increase your FD corpus.

Penalty: Check the penalties for breaking an FD before maturity, in case of any emergency. Most NBFCs and banks lower the interest rates in case of premature withdrawal.

Interested in Opening FD Account Now? Check procedure to open a fixed deposit account

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