How to Check GST Registration and Application ARN Status

Follow these simple steps to check your GST registration status using your application reference number.
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06 October 2023

To make filing GST easy and user-friendly, the Indian Government has given every taxpayer access to an online portal. The official GST portal simplifies the process, but to start, you need to register your company. You can proceed with an online application and complete the registration online. Once done, it takes 15 days for your application to get registered. In the meantime, you can check the GST registration status using your Application Reference Number (ARN) on the GST official portal.

What is the ARN number?

Application Reference Number (ARN) is a unique number that is assigned to each transaction that is completed at the GST portal. ARN is generated when a GST enrolment application is submitted using a digital signature. ARN can be used to track the status of the GST registration application.

ARN number generation process

  • Application submission: The applicant submits the GST registration application online through the GST portal.
  • Verification: The GSTN (Goods and Services Tax Network) verifies the application and documents submitted by the applicant.
  • Arn generation: Upon successful verification, the GSTN generates an Application Reference Number (ARN) and sends it to the applicant via email and SMS.
  • Tracking: The applicant can track the status of their application using the ARN on the GST portal.
  • Further processing: Once ARN is generated, the application undergoes further processing, including scrutiny and approval by the tax authorities.

Why is the GST ARN number important?

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Application Reference Number (ARN) is a unique identification number generated after the initial filing of GST returns. The ARN number is essential as it acts as proof of submission of the GST return and is necessary to track the return's status. For a better understanding of the significance of ARN in the GST process, consider using the Indian GST Calculator.

The ARN number is also required to make any amendments or changes to the GST return. It ensures that all GST tax-filing procedures are tracked and transparent for businesses. Furthermore, it helps streamline the tax administration process, minimizes errors, and promotes accountability in the GST system.

Importance of tracking GST registration ARN

Tracking GST registration Application Reference Number (ARN) is crucial for businesses to ensure compliance and operational efficiency:

  • Verification: ARN enables verification of the status of GST registration applications submitted online.
  • Compliance: Tracking ARN ensures businesses meet regulatory requirements promptly, avoiding penalties or legal issues.
  • Operational continuity: Knowing the ARN status allows businesses to plan operations effectively, anticipating timelines for GST registration approval.
  • Communication: It facilitates communication with tax authorities regarding any queries or additional information required for processing the registration.
  • Transparency: Tracking ARN promotes transparency in the GST registration process, enhancing trust between businesses and regulatory authorities.

Regular monitoring of ARN status supports smooth business operations under the GST regime.

What are the different types of GST ARN application status?

The GST ARN (Application Reference Number) status indicates the stage of processing an application has reached, and there are six different types of GST ARN application status:

  1. Submitted: This status indicates that the application has been successfully submitted.
  2. Pending for processing: This status indicates that the application is waiting for processing.
  3. Validation against error: This status indicates that the application has failed validation, and there is an error in the application.
  4. Re-submission requested: This status indicates that the applicant needs to rectify the errors and re-submit the application.
  5. Approved: This status indicates that the application has been approved.
  6. Rejected: This status indicates that the application has been rejected due to incorrect or incomplete information.

How to check GST registration status

  • Step 1: First, make your way to the GST official portal.
  • Step 2: Proceed to the 'services' tab. Under this tab, you will find a header by the name of 'registration'.
  • Step 3: Next, click on the 'registration' header to get three options: 'New Registration', 'track application status', and 'application for filing clarifications'
  • Step 4: Now, click 'track application status' and enter your ARN in the given space. Input the captcha code in the next step and click 'search'.

If you enter the right code without any spaces or typos, you will receive your GST registration status on your screen within seconds. However, each terminology represents a different set of information. Read on to the next segment to know what each entails.

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Track GST registration application status before login

Tracking GST registration application status before login is beneficial for businesses needing quick updates on their application:

  • Visit GST Portal: Go to the official GST portal.
  • Navigate to Services > Registration > Track Application Status: Locate and click on the 'Track Application Status' under the Registration tab.
  • Enter ARN: Input your Application Reference Number (ARN) provided during the registration process.
  • Security verification: Complete the captcha or security verification to proceed.
  • View status: Instantly view the current status of your GST registration application without needing to log in, ensuring timely updates and compliance management.

What does each GST registration status mean?

At every stage of your registration application, you will get a written status basis of the stage it is. By decoding your status, it will be easy for you to gauge your application's progress. Here are the terms that you will come across when checking your GST registration status:

Provisional status

This means that your application has not been filed yet. However, owing to the successful submission of your application, a provisional ID has been released for you.

Pending for verification status

This status means that your application has been successfully filed. However, the same has not been verified yet.

Validation against error status

This status means the PAN details you provided do not match with the details provided by the IT department. On seeing this status, proceed to rectify your application at the earliest.

Migrated status

This status gives you a positive head-up and mentions that your application for migration to GST has been made successfully.

Cancelled status

A cancelled status indicates that your application has failed. This means you will have to reapply by rectifying the problems or are not entitled to GST registration as per the GST laws.

Based on your GST registration status, plan the way forward. Since you need to file GST within a prescribed timeline, it is best to initiate the process as soon as you get a heads-up on your status. This will allow you to be on track with GST returns.

Track GST registration application status after login

Tracking GST registration application status after logging into the GST portal provides detailed insights and updates:

  • Login to GST portal: Access the official GST portal using your credentials.
  • Navigate to dashboard: Once logged in, navigate to the dashboard or home page.
  • Click on Services > Registration > Track Application Status: Locate and click on 'Track Application Status' under the Registration tab.
  • Enter ARN: Enter your Application Reference Number (ARN) in the designated field.
  • View detailed status: Gain access to detailed status updates, including stages of processing, pending actions, and approval status.
  • Download documents: Download necessary documents or responses related to your GST registration application directly from the portal.

Tracking after login ensures businesses have comprehensive oversight and can manage GST registration effectively within regulatory timelines.

Documents to have before checking GST registration status using ARN

  • Application reference number (ARN): Ensure you have the ARN provided to you when you submitted your GST registration application.
  • Email address and mobile number: Make sure the email address and mobile number provided during registration are accessible, as updates on the status will be sent to these.
  • GST portal credentials: Have your username and password for the GST portal ready to log in and check the status.
  • Valid identification documents: Keep any identification documents used during registration handy, as they may be required for verification purposes.
  • Pen and paper: Have a pen and paper ready to note down any important information or instructions provided during the status check process.

Key considerations and additional steps for checking GST ARN status

  • Validity of ARN: Ensure that the ARN provided is accurate and matches the details submitted in the GST registration application.
  • Update contact information: Verify that your email address and mobile number registered with GST are up-to-date to receive status updates.
  • Secure login: Use secure credentials and avoid sharing login details to protect your GST portal account.
  • Follow-up communication: Be prepared to respond to any follow-up queries or requests from the tax authorities promptly.
  • Patience: Understand that the processing time for GST registration applications may vary, so exercise patience while awaiting the status update.


Checking the GST ARN status is a crucial step in the GST registration process, ensuring that applications are processed efficiently and accurately. By following key considerations such as verifying the ARN's validity, updating contact information, maintaining secure login credentials, and being responsive to follow-up communication, applicants can streamline the registration process and stay informed about their application status. Patience is essential, as processing times may vary, but proactive engagement and adherence to guidelines help expedite the process. Overall, thorough attention to these considerations enhances the registration experience and facilitates compliance with GST regulations.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I track my GST ARN status?

To track your GST ARN status, visit the GST portal and enter your ARN number. The status of your application will be displayed on the screen.

How many days will it take to get the GST number after the ARN number?

The time taken to get the GST number after the ARN number varies based on the application's processing time and the completeness of the application.

What is the full form of ARN?

The full form of ARN is 'Application Reference Number'.

What is the difference between ARN and GST?

ARN is the unique identification number given to an application for registration under GST, while GST is the tax levied on the supply of goods and services in India.

What is the fee for ARN registration?

There is no fee for ARN registration as it is a unique reference number assigned to a particular GST registration application.

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