Gold Rate Calculator

Determine the current value of your gold by calculating its worth based on the latest gold price in the market.

About Gold Rate Calculator

A gold rate calculator, also known as a gold price calculator, is an online tool that helps you determine the current value of your gold based on the current gold rates in the market. It helps calculate the value of your gold items, such as jewellery, quickly and accurately.

This calculator takes into account various factors, including the current gold rate per gram, the weight of the gold item in question, etc. By inputting these details, you can instantly ascertain the approximate value of your gold in Indian rupee (INR).

Whether you are looking to assess the value of your gold jewellery, plan your investments, or make informed buying or selling decisions, a gold price calculator is a handy tool that provides quick and accurate estimates, making it an essential resource for anyone dealing with gold.

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The gold rate calculator serves multiple purposes, such as:

  • Determining value

    Determining value:

    It allows you to calculate the worth of your gold assets, helping you make informed decisions when selling, pawning, insuring, or even securing a gold loan against your gold.

  • Investment planning

    Investment planning:

    If you are an investor, you can use it to estimate the current value of your gold holdings, aiding in portfolio management.

  • Buying and selling

    Buying and selling:

    Buyers and sellers can negotiate prices based on real-time calculations, ensuring fair transactions.

  • Comparison


    You can compare the calculated value with market rates to assess potential gains or losses.


The calculator’s results are indicative in nature and are subject to change after the physical valuation of gold.

The calculator does not intend to provide its users/ customers with outputs certified by Bajaj Finance Limited (“BFL”) or are a warranty, obligation, commitment or undertaking, professional and financial advice by BFL, under any circumstances. The calculator is only a tool to help users/ customers get results of different illustrative scenarios generated from data input by a user/ customer, and its use is completely at the user/ customer’s risk. BFL is not responsible for any errors in any results from the usage of the calculator.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the formula for the calculation of gold rate?

A gold rate calculator enables you to choose a weight unit (e.g., gram) and karat (e.g., 22k). Afterward, you can click the calculate button. The calculator will then provide you with an estimation of the latest gold rates, helping you determine the value of your gold items with ease.

What is gold carat?

A gold karat represents the purity level of gold, with 24C gold being 99% pure, and 22C gold being an ideal choice for jewellery. The formula to calculate karats is simple: carat/24. For instance, 22C gold can be calculated as 22/24, which equals 0.916 or 91% pure gold, often referred to as 916 gold. Therefore, products like 22C gold are stamped with the 916 seal to indicate their purity.