Bajaj Finserv customer care in Kadappakada

The progress of digitalisation has made the management of financial activities more convenient and efficient. For instance, individuals acquiring loans, purchasing insurance policies and making investments from leading financial institutions can now efficiently manage their financial activities through a feature-rich web-based platform named Bajaj Finserv customer care- My Account.

With the help of this portal, customers can access numerous activities online and retrieve necessary information, from anywhere and anytime with just a few clicks. Moreover, the availability of this portal is not limited to any particular location. It means customers residing in Kadappakada or any part of the country can avail of necessary information by logging into the portal with their basic credentials.

Features of Bajaj Finserv Customer Portal

This online customer portal introduced by Bajaj Finserv is a dedicated platform, allowing customers to manage all services associated with borrowings without any hassle. This portal comes with a range of unique features that are listed below:

  • View EMI card status

    View EMI card status

    Apart from monitoring existing credit details, consumers can conveniently view their Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card status and know about the spending limit, outstanding balance, etc. To know the card status via this portal, consumers are required to use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card log in ID and password. Staying updated regarding the card status will allow customers to make an informed decision while making big-ticket purchases.

  • Shop on EMI store

    Shop on EMI store

    One of the stand-out Bajaj Finserv customer care benefits extended by this portal is that customers are not required to visit the store. They can purchase their preferred products at affordable EMIs and zero down payments via this dedicated customer portal.

  • Update contact details

    Update contact details

    With the availability of the Bajaj Finserv customer service portal, individuals can conveniently update and edit their basic credentials, such as email address, mobile number etc., in a few simple steps and in no time. Besides, borrowers need to inform the lender about any change in their contact numbers to avoid missing out on essential updates regarding loan accounts.

  • Initiate part prepayment or foreclosure

    Initiate part prepayment or foreclosure

    Apart from these features, the Bajaj Finserv customer care portal allows users to make part prepayments and foreclose their existing loan accounts at their convenience before the stipulated time. Consumers can navigate to the ‘Quick Pay’ tab and complete the process in simple steps to make payments.

Bajaj Finserv Customer Care Details – Kadappakada

The Bajaj Finserv customer care portal aims to offer a hassle-free experience for users and provide a prompt solution to queries and doubts. If you are looking to raise a query regarding our products and services, you can choose the following methods:

Customer portal (My Account)

To access information regarding financial transactions, borrowings or post a query, you can go through the following steps discussed below:

Step 1 - Visit the My Account
Step 2 - Input your mobile number, customer or email ID
Step 3 - For authentication; choose either ‘OTP’ or ‘Password’
Step 4 - Select ‘Generate OTP’ or ‘Next’ to proceed with the verification process
Step 5 - Finally, enter relevant details and click on ‘submit’

On the other hand, use the Bajaj Finserv app and avail necessary assistance.

Bajaj Finserv app

Here are the steps discussed below through which customers can obtain numerous financial services or address their complaints or queries through the app:

Step 1 - Firstly; go to the Google Play Store and download the app
Step 2 - Log in with your basic credentials and go to the ‘Help and Support’ section
Step 3 - Choose the type of products to raise the query
Step 4 - Select the query and sub-query type and explain your query
Step 5 - Enter the relevant information and click on ‘submit’

Raise a request

Another effective way to address your query is by raising a request. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

For existing customers:

Step 1 - Visit Raise a request
Step 2 - Select whether you are a new or existing customer
Step 3 - If you are an existing customer, enter your Bajaj Finserv My Account log in credentials and raise your query

For new customers:

Step 1 - Go to the official link Raise a request
Step 2 - Select ‘No’ under the question ‘Are you our existing customer?’
Step 3 - Input basic information, such as name, email ID, address, query and other associated details to continue
Step 4 - Finally, feed the CAPTCHA code and raise your complaint

View your pre-approved offers

To ensure hassle-free loan application and streamline the entire process, Bajaj Finserv provides pre-approved offers on a wide suite of secured and unsecured financial instruments, such as home loans, loans against property, personal loans, etc.

Here are the steps to check the Bajaj Finserv pre-approved offers online:

  1. 1 Go to the Bajaj Finserv My Account portal and look for ‘pre-approved offers’
  2. 2 Input your name and contact information
  3. 3 Click on ‘agree’ to the terms and conditions

Having a clear understanding of the features, log-in procedure, and methods to raise a query through the My Account portal and mobile application will allow consumers to connect with Bajaj Finserv customer care in Kadappakada and receive quick solutions hassle-free.

To understand resolutions for grievances you may face, please refer to the following:

Frequently asked questions

How do customers create an account in the Bajaj Finserv customer portal?

Customers can conveniently register to the Bajaj Finserv customer portal by following the mentioned steps:

Step 1 - Visit the My Account portal page
Step 2 - First-time users need to enter their mobile number or email. After that, an OTP will be generated
Step 3 - After submitting the OTP, customer can create their own password
Step 4 - After that, log in with credentials, such as customer ID and password
Step 5 - Submit relevant details for the verification

If the provided details are authentic, your account will be created within seconds.

What changes can I make after logging in to the customer portal?

After logging in to the Bajaj Finserv consumer care portal, customers can update or edit their contact number, email address, residential address and more in a few simple steps.