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15 January 2024

Embarking on international adventures from India opens up a world of culture, cuisine, and experiences waiting to be discovered. However, financing such journeys can be daunting. While many may hesitate due to financial constraints, personal loans offer a viable solution to turn these dreams into reality. With options like personal loan, individuals can explore the best international destinations without compromising on financial stability.

Best international destinations to travel from India

Read on to know the top countries to visit from India:

  1. Nepal: Just a stone's throw away, Nepal offers stunning landscapes, vibrant cultures, and friendly locals. Explore the Himalayan beauty on a budget.
  2. Vietnam: From bustling cities to serene landscapes, Vietnam is a treasure trove of experiences. Affordable street food and budget accommodations make it an ideal destination.
  3. Bhutan: Known for its Gross National Happiness, Bhutan welcomes travellers with its breathtaking landscapes and unique cultural experiences, all within a reasonable budget.
  4. Sri Lanka: The teardrop-shaped island boasts pristine beaches, ancient ruins, and lush tea plantations. Sri Lanka is not just affordable but also diverse in its offerings.
  5. Thailand: Famous for its vibrant street life, delicious street food, and stunning beaches, Thailand remains a favourite among budget-conscious travellers.
  6. The Philippines: With its crystal-clear waters and beautiful islands, the Philippines is a paradise for those seeking an affordable tropical getaway.
  7. Turkey: A fusion of cultures and history, Turkey offers an array of experiences without burning a hole in your pocket.
  8. Indonesia: From Bali's beaches to Java's temples, Indonesia provides a diverse range of experiences at budget-friendly prices.
  9. Malaysia: A melting pot of cultures, Malaysia offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition, all at an affordable cost.
  10. UAE: While known for luxury, the UAE also caters to budget travellers, especially in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi with their stunning architecture and cultural attractions.

Budgeting for your international holiday with a personal loan

Budgeting for an international holiday can be daunting, but with a travel loan, it becomes more manageable. Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan offers the necessary financial support for flights, accommodation, and other expenses. By availing of a personal loan for travel, travellers can spread the cost over manageable monthly instalments, easing the burden on their budget. With flexible repayment options and competitive interest rates, personal loans provide the freedom to plan and enjoy international travel without compromising on comfort or experiences. Whether it's exploring ancient landmarks or indulging in culinary delights, personal loans make international holidays a feasible and enjoyable reality.

How can a personal loan make your international trip a reality?

  1. Quick approval:
    Personal loans, including those for international trips, often come with simple personal loan application process instant approval, ensuring swift access to funds for booking flights, accommodation, and other essentials.
  2. Flexible repayment Options:
    With personalised repayment schedules, borrowers can choose tenure and EMIs that suit their financial situation, easing the burden of repayment.
  3. Competitive interest rates:
    Personal loans typically offer competitive interest rates, making them a cost-effective option for funding international travel compared to other financing methods.
  4. Eligibility criteria:
    Our personal loan eligibility criteria are simple and straightforward. As long as you are an Indian citizen meeting our basic parameters, you are likely to get the loan you need.

Exploring the world beyond borders is an enriching experience that shouldn't be limited by financial constraints. With Bajaj Finserv Personal Loans, individuals can fulfil their travel aspirations without worrying about budget limitations. So, whether it's wandering through ancient ruins or basking in the sun on exotic beaches, let personal loans pave the way for unforgettable adventures.

Apply for our personal loan  and explore the wonders of the world with the financial support you need.

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Frequently asked questions

Which foreign country is best to travel to from India?

Thailand stands out as the ideal foreign destination for India. Renowned for its diverse landscapes, rich culture, and affordability, Thailand offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. From bustling markets and vibrant cities to pristine beaches and cultural heritage, it caters to a wide range of traveller preferences.

Which is the cheapest international destination from India?

Nepal emerges as the most budget-friendly international destination from India. With its proximity, affordable accommodations, and inexpensive local offerings, Nepal provides an economical yet enriching experience. The country's scenic beauty, cultural diversity, and welcoming atmosphere make it an attractive choice for Indian travellers seeking a cost-effective international getaway.

Which country is best for a 7-day trip?

Singapore stands out as the perfect destination for a seven-day trip. With its compact size and diverse attractions, the city-state offers a seamless blend of modernity and tradition. From iconic landmarks and cultural neighbourhoods to culinary delights and entertainment options, Singapore ensures a fulfilling and memorable week-long experience.

Which country is 4 hours away from India?

Dubai is an ideal destination, just 4 hours away from India. Boasting a perfect mix of modern luxury and traditional charm, Dubai offers iconic skyscrapers, desert adventures, and cultural experiences. Its proximity makes it a convenient choice for a short yet enriching international getaway from various cities in India.

Which European country is closest to India?

Turkey is the European country closest to India. Bridging Europe and Asia, Turkey offers a unique blend of cultures and history. From the vibrant markets of Istanbul to the ancient ruins of Ephesus, it provides a diverse and captivating experience, making it the nearest European destination for Indian travellers.

Which country is best to visit under 2 lakh?

Vietnam is an excellent choice for a budget-friendly international trip under 2 lakh. With its stunning landscapes, rich history, and delectable cuisine, Vietnam offers a diverse range of experiences. From the bustling streets of Hanoi to the serene beauty of Ha Long Bay, it provides great value for money for Indian travellers.

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