What is Group/Employee Health Insurance?

Group/Employee Health Insurance Plan Definition

Group health insurance plans are usually bought by employers for employees of their organization who are eligible. These plans may sometimes ensure coverage for family members of employees as well. Some plans covering group medical insurance for employees ensure coverage for hospitalization, boarding costs, consultant fees, anesthesia charges, costs of diagnostic materials and oxygen and X-ray and dialysis charges among others. Cashless facilities are available and bills are directly settled with hospitals. There is coverage for post and pre hospitalization charges for a particular time period. There may be maternity benefits available for some policies. There may be hospitalization coverage for procedures like chemotherapy, tonsillectomy and eye surgery.

There may be extended coverage for specific ailments over and above the benefits of hospitalization. There may be coverage for pre-existing ailments post payment of extra premiums. Domiciliary expenditures may be covered by some policies as well. Benefits which are optional include waiting period waivers, ambulance charge reimbursements and first year exclusions.