Losing your wallet can be very stressful. You could be stranded without any money while travelling. Your credit cards and debit cards could be vulnerable to fraud in case you lose them or they are stolen. Moreover, important identity cards like your PAN card could also be at risk of being misused.

Now protect your debit cards and credit cards in case of any loss, damage or fraud, with Wallet Care from Bajaj Finserv. This allows you to block all your cards with just one single phone call. You can also get a free replacement for your PAN card and enjoy emergency travel assistance. All these benefits ensure that you are not put through any inconvenience and your life continues without any hassles.

  • Features & Benefits

  • 24/7 Card Blocking Service

    This is a 24-hour card loss reporting service and you get a worldwide cover. All you have to do is make a single call to block all your cards that are lost or stolen. The toll-free helpline is 1800-419-4000.

  • PAN Card Replacement

    You can avail free replacement of your PAN card in case it is lost or stolen.

  • Emergency Travel Assistance

    In case you are stranded while you are travelling, you can get help with the following:

    • Emergency advance for hotel stays - Abroad/India
    • Replacement Travel Ticket Advance - Abroad/India
    • Emergency Cash benefits in India

  • Mobile Benefits

    Wallet Care also provides you with SIM and IMEI registration and SIM card blocking service.

  • Complimentary Fraud Protection

    • Get coverage upto Rs. 2,00,000 against card fraud - involving PIN based fraud, phishing, tele-phishing and if OTP is not required (card is lost/stolen).
    • Coverage upto Rs. 100,000 against card fraud (card present or card not present transactions - other than the transactions listed above)

Eligibility Criteria

Wallet Care is only available to residents of India who are above the age of 18.


Wallet Care in detail:

Category Benefits in detail Wallet Care coverage
Card Blocking Single call to block lost cards Yes
Emergency Travel Assistance Emergency Advance - Hotels - Abroad/India Upto Rs. 80,000 / 40,000
Replacement Travel Ticket Advance - Abroad/India
Emergency Cash in India Upto Rs. 5,000
Other Benefits Online Member’s Area Yes
SIM Card Blocking & IMEI Registration Service Yes
Free PAN Card Replacement Service Yes
Valuable Document Registration Yes
Complimentary Fraud Protection Protection against card fraud - involving PIN based frauds, Phishing, Tele-phishing and if OTP is not required (card is lost/stolen) Upto Rs. 2,00,000
Number of days covered (prior to notification) 30
Protection against Card Frauds (card present or card not present transactions - other than the transactions listed above) For pre-notification period of 4 to 7 days
Upto Rs. 25,000
For pre-notification period of 7 to 30 days
Upto Rs. 1,00,000
Mobile Wallet Protection (per membership) Upto Rs. 1,00,000
Maximum limit per mobile wallet/card No Limit
Number of days covered (pre & post device loss) 3
Members Covered Number of members covered under membership 1 member (primary only)
Membership Duration Number of years membership is valid 1 Year Non-Renewable
Membership Fee Inclusive of Taxes Rs. 599

How To Apply

  • 1

    Step 1:

    Select Wallet Care from the Pocket Insurance section on the Bajaj Finserv website.

  • 2

    Step 2:

    Click on ‘Apply Now’ and fill in the required details in the application form.

  • 3

    Step 3:

    Make the Premium payment online easily.
    You will receive your Welcome Pack and Membership Details in your registered e-mail id in 3 days.

Wallet Care

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